Best Truck Lease Deals

Best Truck lease deals

Best Truck Lease Deals
2017 Chevrolet Colorado

Best Truck Lease Deals for Month of April

1 2018 Ford F-150 XL w/STX 4×2 $299.00 $700.00 $35,570.00 24 $7,876.00 $328.17 0.92%
2 2018 Chevrolet Colorado LT 4×2 Crew Cab $199.00 $2,910.00 $29,810.00 36 $10,074.00 $279.83 0.94%
3 2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Exp. 4×2 $349.00 $2,800.00 $37,135.00 36 $15,364.00 $426.78 1.15%
4 2018 Toyota Tundra SR V8 Dble-Cab $349.00 $1,650.00 $33,312.00 36 $14,214.00 $394.83 1.19%
5 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 4×2 Double Cab $299.00 $1,700.00 $29,068.00 36 $12,464.00 $346.22 1.19%

Best Leasing Besides Electric Cars are Trucks

For the month of April, you can get a Ford F-150XL for just $328.17 average payment. That’s an LVR of just 0.92% and tops all other truck leases. The Colorado is close, though, at 0.94%. Can’t go wrong leasing a truck in April.

Truck Leasing continues to be one of the better lease deals in today’s car leasing market.  When you compare this page to the most current lease deals, you will see that the LVR’s  of the top-5 are as good or better than most cars despite the fact that trucks are more prone to wear and tear and extra mileage resulting in rising depreciation and and money factors. Still, there are some truck lease deals that might make you think twice about buying your next truck. Toyota is particularly good and Chevrolet has even topped that most recently. Ford, typically, does not have very aggressive incentives for either cars or trucks. Still, the Ford F-150 is a great vehicle and one of the most sought-after trucks in the market place.

The truck lease deals above are ranked and rated by LVR (Lease Value Ratio). See which truck gives you the best value for your monthly payment.

All truck lease deals are listed by the following Terms: MSRPMonthly PaymentTermAverage Monthly PaymentLVR

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