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Best Coupes to lease:1-5

Best Coupes to Lease

For the Month of August


Best Coupes
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Best Coupes to Lease in August 2018

Virtually all of the lease deals on coupes have risen in cost for this month. The Dodge Challenger remains the only real intriguing choice if you want something sporty. You can lease an AWD GT Challenger for an average cost of just $311.92 per month. The hitch is that you must be a previous owner of a similar, competitive vehicle. If you don’t have, say, a Camaro or Mustang, That is something I would negotiate very seriously.

1 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD $258.00 $1,941.00 $35,340.00 36 $11,229.00 $311.92 0.88%
2 2018 Infiniti Q60 Coupe 3.0t Luxu $369.00 $3,630.00 $43,295.00 39 $18,021.00 $462.08 1.07%
3 2018 Mercedes C300 Prem. Coupe $459.00 $3,948.00 $44,195.00 36 $20,472.00 $568.67 1.29%
4 2017 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe $268.00 $3,313.00 $25,680.00 39 $13,765.00 $352.95 1.37%
5 2019 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT Coupe $324.00 $1,675.00 $26,120.00 39 $14,311.00 $366.95 1.40%

Dodge Challenger Back on Top

The New, GT All-Wheel Drive

You no longer can make the excuse you can’t buy a sporty, muscle car because of the traction on wet/icy streets. The Challenger is available as AWD and at an incredible lease rate. You can lease the AWD Challenger for even less than you could in May: Your average payment is just $246.22 per month, but there is just one catch: you have to either own or be leasing a competitive brand of vehicle. This seems incredible to me that Dodge is doing this on all of their vehicles. Whether or not you currently own a Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang, it still costs Dodge the same amount to provide you the lease deal.  The Challenger is a little bit more expensive than it was last month, but it is by far, still the best deal going in car leasing deals this month.

The best coupes to Lease this month are ranked from 1 to 5 based on their performance-value ratio.  While some might argue that the Dodge Challenger belongs in a group called, Muscle Cars, it still fits the classic definition of a coupe; that is, a two door car with a hard-top. Coupes are generally sportier, two-door versions of sedans. This group of six contenders offers a wide price range from $26,190 to $47,400. It is hard to keep luxury cars like the Mercedes SLK out of the lineup because they are in fact coupes. Both the Challeger R/T and Lexus RC 300 AWD offer excellent lease values in this segment. I realize that the price range of coupes really covers the gamut. Next month, I will include a few of the coupes in the lower-end marketplace from Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc. Plenty of coupes also offer convertibles. So, it looks as though a new category might be required to cover some of those. Car leasing is not limited to only a few models and designs, thought it might seem that way. Sometimes, you have to look past the popular, featured lease deals from commercial, magazine, radio, and newspaper ADS to see what else is available. I will continue to mix things up from month to month to make sure a wide variety of lease options are available for viewing and comparing.

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