4th of July Car Sales

4th of July Car Sales4th of July Car Sales often include bigger discounts than the listed manufacturer’s best lease deals for June. Whether you intend to lease or buy a car, now is a good time to find a deal that beats the offers of the previous month. Some of these lease deals occur on or around the 4th of July, but not always. On or around the 4th you can expect some extra incentives on some vehicles that make leasing a new car even a tad better than the listed lease deals here for June. Because much of the June lease deals run through the end of the July 4th week, you might be able to take advantage of these offers through the Friday, July 6th, or possibly even into Saturday. But, don’t wait too long. You will need to visit your dealer to take advantage of these extra discounts. I recently checked online at a couple of popular local dealers here in Denver and have found that their advertised 4th of July Car Sales in some cases are not even quite as good as the June lease deals which are good through July 5-7th. Here are a couple of examples:



2017 Honda Accord LX-S (Special Edition Model)

  • Monthly Payment: $199.00
  • Cap Reduction: $2,399.00
  • MSRP: $25,850.00
  • Term: 36
  • LVR: 1.02%

June Lease Offer on the LX: 0.99%

2017 Toyota Corolla LE

  • Monthly Payment: $216.00
  • Cap Reduction: $0.00
  • MSRP: $20,044.00
  • LVR: 1.07%

June Lease Offer on the Corolla LE: 1.05%

What can we learn from this? Dealers are gearing up for a busy day of 4th of July car sales. They want you in there! Does this mean you have to walk into the dealers blind and misinformed? Certainly not. A number of car blogs provide complete listings of New Car Deals and incentives. These incentives are applied by the dealer not only for the purchase of new cars but also used by them to reduce the capitalized cost of the model listed. For example. Volkswagen is offering incentives of up to $2,000 on the Touareg or 0.9% financing. If you choose to lease this car, the dealer can apply that $2,000 towards the Capitalized Cost of the car as well as use the 0.9% loan interest for an ultra-low Money Factor.

AutoBlog.com has a very thorough listing of all the new car incentives. You can search by model and type. Furthermore, you can refine your search to the zip code you reside. Simply, pay them a visit and browse to the specific car/s you are interested in.

New Car Incentives

(Courtesy of AutoBlog.com)






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