Luxury Auto Leasing Makes a Comeback

Luxury Auto LeasingLuxury auto leasing deals round-out a list of 44 car lease deals for the month of May. Why have I not featured more luxury auto leasing deals in the past? The truth is that cars in this price range have never scored very well in my Lease Value Ratio ratings. It should be mentioned that the more expensive the car is the more negotiating room there is to get the price and payment where you want them. Car dealers do not want to leave money on the table and luxury car buyers have the money to match their expensive tastes. Still, the best website offers provide a starting point for negotiating an excellent lease deal.

Luxury Auto Leasing

and Performance Car Leasing

If you desire unmatched performance and money is of no concern, the Nissan GT-R can be leased for $999.00 a month with $6,999 down. With downpayment considered, that payment averages out to be around $1,166.00 per month. Other enticing choices in the luxury/performance segment include the Jaguar XJL Portfolio at $899.00 per month with $5,995.00 down, the Lexus LX 570 SUV at $1129.00 per month with $4,999 down, and the Porsche Panamera 4 for $949.00 per month with $6,999.00 down. Leasing cars in this segment is a little bit of a different game. My hunch is that these deals are very negotiable, but since I do not have any actual experience leasing cars in this price range, it would be great to hear from those who have. We welcome your feedback.

Top Car Leasing Offers for May

Okay, back down to earth. Leasing has continued to improve since the first of the year and May is no exception. This month there are 17 cars with LVRs at or below 1.10%. The top offer on the list is the Chevy Cruz which can be leased for just $179.00 a month and absolutely no down payment. Rounding out the top five are the Hyundai Genesis, Toyota Camry LE, Acura ILX, and Honda Accord LX.

May’s Top 44 Car Lease Offers

12016 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT$179.00$0.00$21,020.0039$6,981.00$179.000.85%
22016 Hyundai Genesis$299.00$2,700.00$39,700.0036$13,464.00$374.000.94%
32016 Toyota Camry LE$179.00$1,820.00$24,130.0036$8,264.00$229.560.95%
42016 Acura ILX 8SPD$219.00$2,280.00$28,840.0036$10,164.00$282.330.98%
52016 Honda Accord LX CVT$189.00$1,810.00$23,840.0036$8,614.00$239.281.00%
62016 Lexus IS 300 AWD$359.00$2,040.00$41,245.0036$14,964.00$415.671.01%
72016 Chevrolet Traverse$269.00$3,620.0034,900.0039$14,111.00$361.821.04%
82016 Hyundai Elantra$169.00$1,230.00$19,075.0036$7,314.00$203.171.07%
92016 Infiniti QX50 AWD$319.00$3,080.00$37,345.0039$15,521.00$397.971.07%
102016 Volkswagen Passat$179.00$2,520.00$23,260.0036$8,964.00$249.001.07%
112016 Toyota Sienna LE$279.00$2,720.00$33,055.003612,764.00354.561.07%
122016 Nissan Altima$189.00$2,710.0024,465.0036$9,514.00$264.281.08%
132016 Audi A3 2.0T Quattro$359.00$1,814.00$37,850.0036$14,738.00$409.391.08%
142016 Toyota Avalon XLE$329.00$2,670.00$36,910.0036$14,514.00$403.171.09%
152016 Acura MDX$409.00$2,590.0043,995.0036$17,314.00$480.941.09%
162016 Acura TLX$289.00$2,510.00$32,635.0036$12,914.00$358.721.10%
172017 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS$289.00$2,160.00$31,695.0036$12,564.00$349.001.10%
182016 Infiniti Q70 3.7 AWD$489.00$4,310.00$54,405.0039$23,381.00$599.511.10%
192016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan$819.00$3,990.00$83,995.0036$33,474.00$929.831.11%
202016 Mazda 3 Sedan$159.00$1,840.00$18,895.0036$7,564.00$210.111.11%
212016 Volkswagen Tourareg$499.00$2,500.00$50,615.0036$20,464.00$568.441.12%
222016 Nissan Pathfinder$299.00$2,500.00$32,775.0036$13,264.00$368.441.12%
232016 Nissan GT-R$999.00$6,000.00$103,660.0036$41,964.00$1,165.671.12%
242016 Cadillac ATS-V$589.00$4,320.00$62,665.0036$25,524.00$709.001.13%
252016 Honda Civic Sedan LX$179.00$1,820.00$20,275.0036$8,264.00$229.561.13%
262016 Honda CR-V 2WD LX$219.00$2,280.00$24,645.003610,164.00282.331.15%
272016 Porsche Cayman$599.00$4,800.00$63,150.0036$26,364.00$732.331.16%
282016 Subaru Legacy$219.00$1,670.00$22,840.0036$9,554.00$265.391.16%
292016 Lexus GS F$899.00$4,100.00$87,135.0036$36,464.00$1,012.891.16%
302016 Audi Q5 2.0T$429.00$2,294.00$42,325.0036$17,738.00$492.721.16%
312016 Audi A6 2.0T Quattro$569.00$2,794.00$55,475.0036$23,278.00$646.611.17%
322016 Volkswagen Passat$339.00$2,660.00$35,340.0036$14,864.00$412.891.17%
332016 BMW 328d xDrive$399.00$3,925.00$42,845.0036$18,289.00$508.031.19%
342016 Cadillac Escalade$799.00$4,190.00$77,045.0036$32,954.00$915.391.19%
352016 Infiniti Q50 2.0t AWD$369.00$3,630.00$38,555.0039$18,021.00$462.081.20%
362016 Porsche Panamera 4$949.00$6,050.00$92,320.0036$40,214.00$1,117.061.21%
372017 Jaguar XE 25t RWD$349.00$3,646.00$36,795.0036$16,210.00$450.281.22%
382015 BMW 328i xDrive$389.00$3,925.00$40,495.003617,929.00498.031.23%
392016 Subaru Crosstrek$259.00$650.00$22,445.00369,974.00277.061.23%
402016 Jaguar XJL Portfolio$899.00$5,096.00$84,195.0036$37,460.00$1,040.561.24%
412016 BMW X5$649.00$4,425.00$61,595.003627,789.00$771.921.25%
422016 Mazda CX-3$218.00$1,780.00$21,210.0036$9,628.00$267.441.26%
432016 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT$259.00$3,300.00$26,695.0039$13,401.00$343.621.29%
442016 Lexus LX 570 SUV$1,129.00$3,870.00$95,974.0036$44,514.00$1,236.501.29%
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2 thoughts on “Luxury Auto Leasing Makes a Comeback

  1. I’ve leased all my vehicles over the last 20 + years, all makes and models. One thing I’ve found is NO dealer wants to lose a sale ! If a potential lease has a legitimate current advertisement from any dealer in the state you live almost every dealer will match the price or sometimes even do better.
    A few vehicles ago I was looking to lease a Cadillac station wagon. Our nearest dealer quoted me a monthly lease that I thought was way out of line and would only negotiate with dealer freebies but not lowering the monthly payment. He consistently stated the amount he quoted was the very best he could and would do.
    I found a current newspaper ( Friday edition of the NY Post ) which is car day.
    A Cadillac dealer in the city had the very car I wanted advertised for over $ 150.00 a month less ( everything else being equal ) and delivered to my door ! I phoned my dealer told him and he said it was impossible to get that car at that price. I faxed him a copy of the ad., In less than 1/2 hour he called me back with an offer for the same vehicle with a few added high end options at the same price as in the ad I faxed him.
    Now I do this each time I lease a new vehicle

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