Car Lease Deals November 2015

Car Lease Deals November 2015

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The most current Car Lease Deals for this month are now on their own page: Best Lease Deals

The Infiniti Q50 Sedan tops the car lease deals for November, 2015. You can lease the Q50 for 39 months with a $3,499 down payment and $309.00 per month. With no cap reduction at all, you can expect your lease payment to be around $406.00 per month.

Only 35 Car Lease Deals Listed for November

If the number of cars on this month leasing publication seems a little sparse, it’s because there were fewer cars to choose from this month. Both Lexus and Cadillac websites are indicating that there are currently no advertised lease specials at this time and recommending you check with your local dealer. It seems we are in a bit of a dry period right now, perhaps in anticipation of the Holiday Car Shopping season which is nearly upon us.

Great Deals on Volkswagens comes to an End

The great deals on the 2015 Passat, Jetta, and Tiguan models have come to an end as older inventory has been closed out to make room for the new. If you’re in the market for a new car and need it sooner than later, there is no reason to delay your search. There are still some excellent deals, especially from Toyota. Now is the time to get a small-sized SUV for winter. Lease a 2015 Toyota RAV4 LE for around 245.00 per month with nothing down. Or, take a look at the 2015 Honda CR-V LX AWD for just $233.85 per month.

Great Deal on Minivan Lease

One of the most noteworthy lease deals for the month of November is the Honda Odyssey SE minivan which has an MSRP of $35,325.00. Lease the Odyssey SE for around $360.00 with no downpayment. While many are waiting for the holiday bargains, there are some good lease deals to choose from right now that might very well meet your exact needs. See the full car lease ratings below:

Deals November 2015

12015 Infiniti Q50 Sedan$309.00$3,190.00$40,905.0039$14,314.00$367.030.90%
22015 Toyota RAV4 LE$189.00$2,010.0026,355.0036$8,814.00$244.830.93%
32016 Toyota Camry LE$179.00$1,820.00$24,130.0036$8,264.00$229.560.95%
42016 Acura ILX$239.00$2,260.0030,840.0036$10,864.00$301.780.98%
52015 Honda Accord LX$240.00$0.00$23,740.0039$9,120.00$233.850.99%
62015 Honda CR-V LX AWD$260.00$0.00$25,595.0039$9,880.00$253.330.99%
72016 Honda Odyssey SE$370.00$0.00$35,325.0036$12,950.00$359.721.02%
82015 Toyota Sienna LE$279.00$2,020.00$32,645.0036$12,064.00$335.111.03%
92015 Nissan Rogue SL AWD$199.00$2,500.00$25,645.0036$9,664.00$268.441.05%
102016 Hyundai Santa Fe$269.00$2,180.00$31,295.0036$11,864.00$329.561.05%
112016 Hyundai Elantra$169.00$1,230.00$19,075.0036$7,314.00$203.171.07%
122015 Infiniti Q60 Coupe AWD$349.00$3,650.0046,955.0024$12,026.00$501.081.07%
132015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S$189.00$2,510.00$24,125.0036$9,314.00$258.721.07%
142015 BMW 328i xDrive Sedan$359.00$3,925.00$43,545.0036$16,849.00$468.031.07%
152016 Acura RLX$499.00$3,500.00$55,390.0036$21,464.00$596.221.08%
162016 Cadillac ATS Coupe$349.00$3,760.00$41,920.0036$16,324.00$453.441.08%
172016 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T S$279.00$0.00$25,755.0036$10,044.00$279.001.08%
182016 Infiniti QX50 AWD SUV$329.00$3,070.0037,345.0039$15,901.00$407.721.09%
192015 BMW 320i Sedan$279.00$3,925.00$35,345.0036$13,969.00$388.031.10%
202016 Cadillac SRX$339.00$3,500.00$43,640.0024$11,636.00$484.831.11%
212016 Mazda6 iSport Auto$239.00$0.00$21,495.0039$9,321.00$239.001.11%
222016 Cadillac ATS-V$559.00$4,090.00$60,465.0036$24,214.00$672.611.11%
232016 Acura RDX$339.00$2,660.00$36,210.0036$14,864.00$412.891.14%
242015 Subaru Impreza$159.00$1,800.00$18,295.0036$7,524.00$209.001.14%
252015 Nissan Maxima$299.00$2,700.00$32,410.0036$13,464.00$374.001.15%
262016 Mazda3 iSport Auto$209.00$0.00$17,845.0039$8,151.00$209.001.17%
272016 Volkswagen Jetta S$219.00$0.00$18,500.0036$7,884.00$219.001.18%
282016 Subaru Legacy$219.00$1,670.00$21,745.0036$9,554.00$265.391.22%
292016 Mazda CX-5 AWD$278.00$0.00$21,795.0039$10,842.00$278.001.28%
302016 Subaru Forester$249.00$1,500.00$22,395.0036$10,464.00$290.671.30%
312016 Mercedes C300 Sedan$399.00$4,154.00$38,950.0036$18,518.00$514.391.32%
322015 Mercedes CLA250 Coupe$329.00$3,294.00$31,500.0036$15,138.00$420.501.33%
332015 Mercedes GLA250 SUV$329.00$3,294.00$31,300.0036$15,138.00$420.501.34%
342016 BMW x1 xDrive 28i$399.00$3,925.00$36,945.0036$18,289.00$508.031.38%
352016 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T S$329.00$0.00$23,260.0036$11,844.00$329.001.41%
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  1. Monthly payments listed are useless until you factor in the down payment. If you put $3600 down, your $250 payment is really $350. It would be extremely helpful if you factored this into every lease and posted a real effective rate. I bet your rankings would change dramatically. And be much more useful.

    • Barry, we are in full agreement. The down payment is factored into the effective rate which is where Average Payment comes from. See the AVG column. The LVR rating is based on the AVG payment which includes the required down payment.

      I agree, it is a very important consideration.

      Hope this clears things up.

      Thanks for writing,


  2. The down payment is actually for buying the down the monthly payment. Basically alot of people want to roll the down payment and even the drives off into the monthly payment. Either you pay now or you pay later. Bottom line is our comfort range with the monthly payment.

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