Car Lease Ratings June 2014

Car Lease Ratings June 2014Car Lease Ratings June 2014 features a ranking list of 43 different cars, making it the biggest featured lease edition, ever. But, it is far more than just quantity that makes this June a very exciting month for leasing a new car. Some of the usual favorites have dropped out of the top 10, while some other, unusual, but interesting and exciting cars have taken their place.

Best Lease Ever on a Luxury Sports Coupe

This month’s top car lease winner is a very unusual one. The all-new, Infiniti Q60 is an exciting, powerful, 330HP Luxury, Sports Coupe that leases for just $299.00 a month with $3,849.00 due at signing. The Average Car Payment is just $390.03, giving the Q60 one of the lowest Lease Value Ratios (LVR) ever: .86%. Audi, which is rarely ever shown in the lease rankings on this site due to the omission of incentives on the manufacturer’s website, is being offered for $449.00 a month with $4,542.00 due at signing and an LVR of 1.03%. This lease offer is courtesy of my local, Audi Dealer  in Denver, Metro, Colorado. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not in Colorado.  I’m sure this offer will stand-up just about anywhere. Always ask your dealer for a better deal.

Top 43 Car Lease Ratings for June 2014

12014 Infiniti Q60 Coupe$299.00$3,550.00$45,105.0039$15,211.00$390.030.86%$3,849.0039
22014 Toyota RAV4$199.00$950.00$26,185.0024$5,726.00$238.580.91%$1,149.0024
32014 Nissan Maxima S$259.00$1,850.00$32,500.0036$11,174.00$310.390.96%$2,199.0036
42014 Infiniti G37 Sedan$299.00$2,100.00$36,355.0039$13,761.00$352.850.97%$2,399.0039
52014 Acura ILX$259.00$2,340.00$32,495.0036$11,664.00$324.001.00%$2,599.0036
62014 Volkswagen CC$279.00$2,720.00$34,460.0036$12,764.00$354.561.03%$2,999.0036
72014 Acura TL$359.00$2,140.00$40,655.0036$15,064.00$418.441.03%$2,499.0036
82014 Audi A6 2.0T$449.00$4,093.00$52,995.0042$22,951.00$546.451.03%$4,542.0042
92014 Subaru Legacy$168.00$1,800.00$21,090.0036$7,848.00$218.001.03%$1,968.0036
102014 Chevrolet Malibu LT$189.00$2,370.00$24,435.0036$9,174.00$254.831.04%$2,559.0036
112014 Kia Optima LX$189.00$1,661.00$22,300.0036$8,465.00$235.141.05%$1,850.0036
122014 Volkswagen Tiguan$199.00$2,800.00$26,195.0036$9,964.00$276.781.06%$2,999.0036
132014 Chevrolet Cruze LT$159.00$2,190.0020,735.0036$7,914.00$219.831.06%$2,349.0036
142014 Infiniti Q50 3.7$369.00$2,630.00$40,905.0039$17,021.00$436.441.07%$2,999.0039
152014 Toyota Camry$179.00$1,895.00$24,005.0024$6,191.00$257.961.07%$2,074.0024
162014 Nissan Pathfinder$279.00$2,390.00$31,940.0036$12,434.00$345.391.08%$2,599.0036
172015 Mazda6 4-Door$199.00$1,780.00$22,895.0036$8,944.00$248.441.09%$1,979.0036
182014 Honda Accord CVT LX$199.00$2,300.00$23,545.0036$9,464.00$262.891.12%$2,499.0036
192014 Chevrolet Equinox LS$199.00$3,020.00$25,315.0036$10,184.00$282.891.12%$3,219.0036
202014 Honda Civic CVT EX$169.00$2,730.00$21,880.0036$8,814.00$244.831.12%$2,899.0036
212014 BMW 320i xDrive Sedan$339.00$3,475.00$38,875.0036$15,679.00$435.531.12%3,814.0036
222014 BMW 228i Coupe$319.00$3,475.00$37,075.0036$14,959.00$415.531.12%$3,794.0036
232014 Volkswagen Passat$199.00$2,150.00$22,915.0036$9,314.00$258.721.13%$2,349.0036
24Kia Sportage LX$219.00$1,280.00$22,495.0036$9,164.00$254.561.13%$1,499.0036
252014 BMW X1 xDrive28i$339.00$3,475.00$38,475.0036$15,679.00$435.531.13%3,814.0036
262014 Cadillac SRX$339.00$3,160.00$37,505.0036$15,364.00$426.781.14%$3,499.0036
272014 Honda CR-V LX$209.00$2,290.0023,950.0036$9,814.00$272.611.14%$2,499.0036
282014 Hyundai Sonata$199.00$2,000.0022,260.0036$9,164.00$254.561.14%$2,199.0036
292015 Kia K900$599.00$3,400.0060,400.0036$24,964.00$693.441.15%$3,999.0036
302014 Mazda CX-9$300.00$2,330.00$31,575.0036$13,130.00$364.721.16%$2,630.0036
312014 Mazda3 4-Door$159.00$1,840.00$17,995.0036$7,564.00$210.111.17%$1,999.0036
322014 Toyota Corolla$149.00$1,925.00$19,335.0024$5,501.00$229.211.19%2,074.0024
332014 Audi A4 2.0T$369.00$3,593.00$37,945.0042$19,091.00$454.551.20%$3,962.0042
342014 Infiniti Q50 SUV$399.00$3,800.00$41,245.0039$19,361.00$496.441.20%$4,199.0039
352014 Subaru Outback$269.00$1,700.00$25,920.0036$11,384.00$316.221.22%$1,969.0036
362014 Hyundai Santa Fe$299.00$2,900.00$30,775.0036$13,664.00$379.561.23%3,199.0036
372014 Acura MDX$459.00$3,040.00$43,185.0036$19,564.00$543.441.26%$3,499.0036
382014 Cadillac Escalade$699.00$3,900.00$63,815.0036$29,064.00$807.331.27%$4,599.0036
392014 Hyundai Elantra GT$189.00$2,610.00$20,650.0036$9,414.00$261.501.27%$2,799.0036
402014 Audi Q5 2.0T$399.00$5,104.00$41,090.0042$21,862.00$520.521.27%$5,503.0042
412014 Cadillac CTS$479.00$3,500.00$45,100.0036$20,744.00$576.221.28%3,979.0036
422014 Subaru XV Crosstrek$249.00$1,900.00$22,820.0042$12,358.00$294.241.29%2,149.0042
432014 Nissan Rogue S$209.00$2,390.00$21,270.0036$9,914.00$275.391.29%$2,599.0036

Who has dropped out? It was surprising to see Cadillac drop nearly all the way to the bottom of the list on the new, 2014 CTS which leases for an average car payment of $576.22 a month and a very high LVR of 1.28%. With SUV’s, it is sometimes difficult t find a good lease deal. Never fear; the deals on the Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan give you a very low and affordable monthly car payment and represent excellent lease values in affordable SUVs. All in all, there are 17 cars this month which you can lease for lease value ratios under 1.10%. While this is not the best month we’ve ever seen, car leasing in June is still looking very strong.

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