May 2014 Lease Deals

Top Car Lease Deals for MayThe Toyota RAV4 has the top lease rating based on LVR, but there is a catch; the lease is for only 24 months. I usually discourage 24 month leases, especially if you live in state that charges high tax, license and registration fees every year. The license tax on a $25,000 car in my state of Colorado is around $500.00. My own experience with 24 month leases is that I’m usually not ready to turn the car in so quickly. The 36 month lease i just right. I’m ready to trade it in just before the tires and brakes need to be replaced. Still, the RAV4 leases for $199.00 and just $1,539 due at signing. I think you’d be better off asking the dealer to make it a 36 month lease deal. Another great deal on an SUV is the Volkswagen Tiguan. You can lease the Tiguan for $199.00 a month for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing. The 1.06% LVR is lower than just about any other SUV on the market. The Infiniti G37 Sedan continues to be a great lease as it was last month. Like the RAV4, it also has a .97% LVR. Lease the G37 for just $299.00 a month with $2,399.00 due at signing. Again, the 39 month term is a concern for those of us who pay expensive, yearly license fees. Acura, Chevrolet and Subaru, all have low-payment, lease deals on their most popular sedans. One popular car maker you won’t find on this month’s top lease deals is Honda. For some reason, Honda’s lease deals from last month do not expire until Monday, May 12th. Honda’s lease offers are just now starting to get pretty good on the newly, redesigned CR-V’s and Accords. I will feature the latest Honda lease deals at the bottom of this page in the next 2-3 days. Meanwhile, here is my list of 38 car lease deals for May, 2014.

May 2014 Lease Deals on 38 Cars

12014 Toyota RAV4$199.00$1,340.00$26,185.0024$6,116.00$254.830.97%$199.00$1,539.0024
22013 Infiniti G37 Sedan$299.00$2,100.00$36,255.0039$13,761.00$352.850.97%$299.00$2,399.0039
32014 Acura TL$299.00$2,200.0036,925.0036$12,964.00$360.110.98%$299.00$2,499.0036
42014 Acura RLX Sedan$499.00$2,200.00$55,345.0036$20,164.00$560.111.01%$499.00$2,699.0036
52014 Chevrolet Malibu LT$189.00$2,120.00$24,435.0036$8,924.00$247.891.01%$189.002,309.0036
62014 Subaru Legacy$168.00$1,800.00$21,090.0036$7,848.00$218.001.03%$168.001,968.0036
72014 Toyota Camry LE$179.00$1,700.00$24,005.0024$5,996.00$249.831.04%$179.00$1,879.0024
82014 Volkswagen Tiguan$199.00$2,800.00$26,195.0036$9,964.00$276.781.06%$199.00$2,999.0036
92014 Nissan Pathfinder S 4x4$279.00$2,120.00$31,765.0036$12,164.00$337.891.06%$279.00$2,399.0036
102014 Infiniti Q50$369.00$2,630.00$40,805.0039$17,021.00$436.441.07%$369.00$2,999.0039
112014 Chevrolet Cruze LT$226.00$0.00$21,130.0036$8,136.00$226.001.07%$0.00$0.0036
122014 BMW 328d xDrive$379.00$3,725.00$44,625.0036$17,369.00$482.471.08%$379.00$4,104.0036
132014 Lexus IS 250$359.00$1,640.00$38,652.0027$11,333.00$419.741.09%$359.00$1,999.0027
142014 Lexus RX 350 AWD$409.00$2,590.00$47,409.0024$12,406.00$516.921.09%$409.00$2,999.0024
152014 Chevrolet Equinox LS$199.00$3,020.00$25,315.0036$10,184.00$282.891.12%$199.00$3,219.0036
162014 Subaru Impreza$159.00$1,800.00$18,690.0036$7,524.00$209.001.12%$159.00$1,959.0036
172014 BMW 228i Coupe$319.00$3,475.00$37,075.0036$14,959.00$415.531.12%$319.00$3,794.0036
182014 Lexus ES 250$349.00$2,650.00$40,982.0024$11,026.00$459.421.12%$349.002,999.0024
192014 Volkswagen Passat$199.00$2,150.00$22,915.0036$9,314.00$258.721.13%$199.00$2,349.0036
202014 Mazda6 Sedan$199.00$2,160.00$22,695.0036$9,324.00$259.001.14%$199.00$2,359.0036
212014 Hyundai Sonata$199.00$2,000.00$22,260.0036$9,164.00$254.561.14%$199.002,199.0036
222014 BMW X1 xDrive35i$399.00$3,475.00$42,625.0036$17,839.00$495.531.16%$399.00$3,874.0036
232014 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4$259.00$2,740.00$28,305.0039$12,841.00$329.261.16%$259.00$2,999.0039
242014 Toyota Corolla$149.00$1,925.00$19,335.0024$5,501.00$229.211.19%$149.002,074.0024
252014 Honda Accord Sedan LX$199.00$2,300.0023,545.0036$10,061.00$279.471.19%$199.00$2,499.0039
262014 Acura RDX$379.00$1,620.00$35,415.0036$15,264.00$424.001.20%$379.00$1,999.0036
272014 Infiniti QX50 SUV$399.00$3,800.0041,145.0039$19,361.00$496.441.21%$399.00$4,199.0039
282014 Mitisubishi Lancer EVO$289.00$3,299.00$34,995.0024$10,235.00$426.461.22%$289.00$3,588.0024
292014 Mazda3 Sedan$159.00$2,200.00$17,995.0036$7,924.00$220.111.22%$159.002,359.0036
302014 Hyundai Santa Fe$299.00$2,900.00$30,755.0036$13,664.00$379.561.23%$299.00$3,199.0036
312014 Mazda CX-5$229.00$1,773.00$24,045.0036$10,704.00$297.331.24%$229.00$2,002.0039
322014 Volkswagen Jetta$159.00$2,190.0017,715.0036$7,914.00$219.831.24%$159.00$2,349.0036
332014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan$179.00$2,120.00$19,010.0036$8,564.00$237.891.25%$179.00$2,299.0036
342014 Subaru Forester$239.00$1,700.00$22,820.0036$10,304.00$286.221.25%$239.00$1,939.0036
352014 Mercedes C250 Sedan$359.00$3,794.00$39,225.0027$13,487.00$499.521.27%$359.00$4,153.0027
362014 Mercedes GLK SUV$419.00$4,194.00$41,855.0036$19,278.00$535.501.28%$419.00$4,613.0036
372014 Mercedes E350$599.00$4,420.00$59,195.0027$20,593.00$762.701.29%$599.00$5,019.0027
382014 Nissan Rogue S FWD$209.00$2,390.00$21,185.0036$9,914.00$275.391.30%$209.00$2,599.0036
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