Holiday Car Deals

Nissan Murano Lease OfferIf you are shopping for holiday car deals, there are some really good deals for the month of December.
SUV, Coupe, Sedan, Minivan or just about any other type of vehicle, you will

December Car Lease Deals


12013 Nissan Murano S AWD$229.00$2,770.00$31,420.0039$300.030.95%$229.00
22014 Acura ILX$209.00$2,290.00$27,795.0036$272.610.98%$209.00
32014 Volkswagen Passat S$229.00$0.00$22,765.0042$229.001.01%$0.00
42014 Acura RLX$439.00$2,260.00$49,345.0036$501.781.02%$439.00
52013 BMW 320i Sedan$279.00$3,475.00$36,875.0036$375.531.02%$279.00
62013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S$189.00$1,810.00$23,465.0036$239.281.02%$189.00
72014 Chevrolet Cruz LT$159.00$2,000.00$20,635.0036$214.561.04%$159.00
82014 Cadillac SRX$349.00$3,950.00$43,805.0036$458.721.05%$349.00
92014 Infiniti QX70$439.00$3,560.00$50,245.0039$530.281.06%$439.00
102014 Chevrolet Malibu LS$179.00$2,320.00$22,965.0036$243.441.06%$179.00
112013 Infiniti G37 Sedan AWD$299.00$2,400.00$37,555.0024$399.001.06%$299.00
122014 Subaru Legacy$175.00$1,800.00$21,090.0036$225.001.07%$175.00
132014 Chevrolet Equinox$199.00$2,550.0025,235.0036$269.831.07%$199.00
142013 Honda Accord CVT LX$199.00$1,800.00$23,270.0036$249.001.07%$199.00
152014 Volkswagen Jetta S 2.0L$189.00$0.0017,540.0042$189.001.08%$0.00
162013 Toyota RAV4$199.00$2,950.00$25,910.0036$280.941.08%$199.00
172014 BMW X1 xDrive28i$339.00$3,225.00$38,475.0036$428.581.11%$339.00
182014 Volkswagen Tiguan S$289.00$0.0025,885.0042$289.001.12%$0.00
192014 Mazda6 iSport$209.00$1,790.00$22,695.0039$254.901.12%$209.00
202014 Mercedes C300 Sedan$379.00$3,694.00$42,825.0036$481.611.12%$379.00
212014 Cadillac CTS Sedan$479.00$3,820.00$51,925.0036$585.111.13%$479.00
222014 Toyota Camry LE$189.00$2,999.00$23,930.0036$272.311.14%$189.00
232014 Infiniti Q50$369.00$3,630.00$40,455.0039$462.081.14%$369.00
242013 Honda Civic LX$159.00$2,440.00$19,755.0036$226.781.15%$159.00
252013 Hyundai Elantra GLS AT$159.00$2,040.00$18,760.0036$215.671.15%$159.00
262014 BMW 328d Sedan$399.00$3,475.00$42,625.0036$495.531.16%$399.00
272014 Mazda CX-5 AWD$239.00$1,840.00$24,045.0039$286.181.19%$239.00
282014 Toyota Corolla LE$169.00$2,190.00$19,110.0036$229.831.20%$169.00
292014 Kia Optima LX$219.00$1,780.00$22,300.0036$268.441.20%$219.00
302013 Nissan Quest S$259.00$2,740.00$27,305.0039$329.261.21%$259.00
312013 Honda CR-V LX$239.00$1,760.00$23,775.0036$287.891.21%$239.00
322013 Mazda3 4-Door$169.00$1,830.00$17,550.0039$215.921.23%$169.00
332014 Mercedes CL250 Coupe$329.00$3,294.0033,925.0036$420.501.24%$329.00
342014 Cadillac Escalade$699.00$3,800.00$64,740.0036$804.561.24%$699.00
352014 Acura RDX$399.00$1,600.00$35,415.0036$443.441.25%$399.00
362914 Subaru Forester$239.00$1,700.00$22,820.0036$286.221.25%$239.00
372014 Mercedes GLK350$439.00$4,394.00$44,605.0036$561.061.26%$439.00
382013 KIA Sportage$229.00$1,770.00$22,050.0036$278.171.26%$229.00
392014 Subaru XV Crosstrek$249.00$1,900.00$22,820.0042$294.241.29%$249.00
402014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport$269.00$2,930.00$26,755.0036$350.391.31%$269.00


Holiday Car Deals

Is it the Season or the Cars?

December, 2013 features one of the highest rated selection of top-40 car leasing deals ever published on these pages. A total of 16 cars feature Lease Value Ratios (LVR) below 1.10%. The fact of the matter is that these car lease deals have very little to do with the holidays; it’s all about timing. When leasing cars, sometimes your greatest virtue can be patience. If you leased a Honda Accord sedan last month or earlier, your average car payment is about $25.00 a month higher than it was last month. Since the Accord was newly designed over a year ago, the lease rates have finally begun to reflect their established residual values resulting in much better lease payments. ¬†Volkswagen is also near the top of the list by offering a 0-Down, $229 lease payment on the Passat S.

Best Holiday Lease Deals on an SUV

Two of my top-5 holiday car deals are SUVs. This is not only a rare surprise, but the timing couldn’t be better winter weather moving in on us. The Nissan Murano S AWD, a $31,000 vehicle can be leased for only $229.00 a month with $2,770 down. This equates to an average car payment of just over $300.00. Another great lease offer in the luxury side of things, is the Infiniti QX70, the plush, $50,000, SUV that can be had for an average car payment of $530.00.

Enticing BMW Lease Offer

One of my personal favorites is the new, BMW 320i Sedan. You can lease this well-equipped car for just $279.00 a month and $3,475.00 down.

As usual, Cadillac, Acura and Chevrolet continue to have some lease bargains on the CTS, ILX, RLX and Cruz.

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