Infiniti vs BMW

infiniti-vs-bmwThere is sure to be some good-natured ribbing and rivalry among Infiniti and BMW driving friends. Each car has its own strengths and unique, identifying mark in the luxury, performance car market. Both BMW and Infiniti offer diversity and variety from the top to bottom of their line-up in size, performance and features. For just about every size and style of BMW car made, Infiniti offers matching competition.  German engineering, heavy steel, paint and European style, performance and handling is what keeps BMW enthusiasts coming back. Infiniti, on the other hand, offers exceptional technology, ingenuity, features, sleek-looks and modern styling of its own. There is one area, though, where Infiniti wins vs BMW, hands-down. I’ll prove this by my comparison of leasing figures on Infiniti vs BMW., but first here is some background on the motivation behind the review on Infiniti-vs-BMW: Recently, I received a letter from a reader who was in the market for a BMW 535i and wanted to know what I thought of the lease special that was being offered on that particular car. When I went to the BMW-USA website to verify his leasing figures, it dawned on me BMW really did not offer any exceptional leases on any of its cars from top to bottom. Occasionally, I’ve seen some local dealer specials on BMW 3-Series that are quite good, but from month to month, good BMW lease offers on the manufacturer’s own website are few and far between. When I compared a similarly priced, M-Series Infiniti to the 5-Series BMW, I immediately saw how it represented a much better value for a luxury-sport car in the same price range. I would have to be real convinced in the superiority of the BMW 535i automobile to make  such a significantly higher monthly car payment. Infiniti has been publishing really good car lease offers on all of its models and we’ve been publishing them on this blog, monthly. How much better can a BMW be than an Infiniti that it should warrant a much higher lease payment? I decided to do some comparisons of Infiniti vs BMW, head-to-head, by model. It would be meaningless to look at just prices without some comparisons on the actual features, performance and quality of the actual cars.
Let’s look at Infiniti vs BMW leasing, one car at a time and see how they stack-up against each other, both as a car, and as a lease – It’s Infiniti vs BMW.

Infiniti G25 AWD vs BMW 328i

To be really fair to Infiniti, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare the G25 AWD to the BMW 328ix which is also AWD? That would make the comparison impossible because the MSRP of the 328i RWD is already higher than the G25AWD as it stands. The G25 retails for $37,595 and the BMW 328i has an MSRP of $39,395. A similarly-equipped 328Xi with AWD would have an MSRP of  $44,895.00. Now, unless the BMW 328i is a far superior car…“Lucy (BMW), you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!” Let’s see what the two cars have to offer the driver.  Well, okay – BMW supports – for one thing, the BMW 328i has more zip. The G25 has a 218hp V6 vs the 240hp, inline 4-Cylinder Twin Turbo of the 328i. I’ve been told that a G25 goes from 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, tops compared to 5.8 for the 328i. Despite the much better performing engine, the BMW 328i (23/33) gets better fuel economy than either the AWD (19-27) or RWD Infiniti G25 (20-29).  Both cars come equipped with standard features like leather, heated seats and other amenities you’d expect for a luxury care in the $35-$40K range.  As a lease, the edge might go to the G25 if not for the ridiculous, 18-month lease term. I’d ask the dealer to up the term to 36 months. I’ve seen leases just as good with 36 or 39 months on the G25. As a car, I think the 328i gets the edge and BMW drivers will agree in a big way.

infiniti g25 vs bmw 328i

Infiniti G37 vs BMW 335i

Don’t look now, but here’s another oddball, 18 month lease. We are also in another tough position to compare Infiniti vs BMW. Even the AWD G37 retails for around $4 grand less less than the standard, RWD BMW 335i. You can lease either the RWD or AWD Infiniti for just  $319 or $329.00 per month and $1799 due at signing for 18 months. The RWD BMW 335i leases for $459.00 a month with $4,184 due at signing. That’s a huge difference in average payment cost even if the BMW 335i is a better car. But is it a better car? Let’s see: If you like power, the G37 gives you more of it for your money with it’s 328HP V6 vs the 300HP TwinTurbo V6 of the 335i. Either way, both cars will get you from 0-60 in roughly 5.1 – 5.4 seconds. Of course, the AWD on the G37 is a plus for handling on wet, icy roads. The fuel economy on the 335i (23/33) is far superior to the Infiniti G37 (18-25). Some of this gas mileage advantage can be offset by the fact that BMW turbo engine requires the costlier Premium fuel. Both cars are equipped well. If not for the $4500 difference in the price tag, this one might be too close to call. It looks like Infiniti G37 drivers have the bragging rights on this one.

infiniti g37 vs bmw 335i

Infiniti M37 vs BMW 550i

The Infiniti M37 can be leased for $499.00 a month with just $1999 due at lease signing for 39 months. The BMW 535i can be leased for $569.00 a month with $3,794.00 due at signing. The M37 has an MSRP of around $54,000 which is $1,000 less than the MSRP of the 535i.  Like the Infiniti vs BMW G37/335i comparison, the engine sizes are the same: M37 has 330hp in a V6 vs 300hp for the TwinPower Turbo 535i. Both cars will do 0-60mph in roughly the same time of around 5.7 seconds. Again, the 335i fuel economy at 20/30mpg is much better than the M37’s 17/24, but you’ll have to pay for premium gas in the Bimmer.  The Infiniti M37 lease comes with AWD and the premium package including an advanced Navigator. To get the AWD and Navigator on the 535i, would add another $4,000 to an already higher MSRP and lease payment. Unless you insist on a German made car, this one is a no-brainer. The Infiniti M37 wins as a car and as a lease, hands-down.

infiniti m37 vs bmw 535i

Infiniti vs BMW Winner

Overall, Infiniti offers much better value for the money; lower lease payments, similar performance and in many cases, more features.



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