Car Lease Deals January 2012

january 2012 car lease deals
You know what’s amazing? Hyundai, Subaru, Nissan and Mazda rated at the top of the ALG Residual Value Awards, yet none of their cars finished near the top in overall lease value ratings for the 2011 year. How can that be?  Well, as usual, I will give you my own two cents:  As I explained after writing this article, Residual Values are only a forecast and don’t actually determine what a particular car’s real market value on the street is going to be after 3, 4 or 10 years. These ALG Residual values are based on 2012 car models, so this is pure speculation. However, there is something to be said for speculation in this industry. ALG has a lot of weight when it comes to valuating cars, both psychologically and financially. Having a high ALG residual value is definitely a blessing for the car maker and for the consumer wishing to lease there cars. One can only wonder if these automobiles winning these ALG awards will now start rising in the monthly car lease deals we publish for 2012. When push comes to shove for 2011, however, the banks still bet heavily on the tried and true best valued cars like Honda.

Honda Still Tops January Car Lease Deals

In 2011, Honda on average had the best car lease deals. Even Infiniti and Cadillac had some great deals. Yet, Hyundai and Subaru were consistently and conspicuously ranked near the middle of the pack. Toyota leasing took a hit, probably due to the big 2010/2011 recall scandal. While the scandal was proven to be over exaggerated and unfair, none-the-less, it obviously had an impact, because Toyota had some of the best ranking car leases from 2009 through much of 2010. Today, Honda is still ranking # 1 for January Car Lease Deals. The Accord LX continually gets picked on by car magazines like Motor Trend for being too boring and predictable, yet is there a better car you can lease for $250 a month with nothing down and just 35 payments? Not this month. Then, there is the Cross Tour; a highly versatile, fully loaded V6 EX version that leases for just $340.00 a month with nothing down and for only 35 payments. If you like Cadillac, but don’t need the power of the CTS-V, the regular CTS continues to lease really well: Just $399.00 a month and nothing down! The CTS has been a top car choice for several years now. If you want a comfortable, well performing car at an affordable price, you will not be let down by a Cadillac Lease.


Where are the SUV Lease Deals?

I decided there are simply to many car leases to talk about to place them all in one listing. We are due for another SUV Lease Special soon, which I will post later this month. SUV leasing has improved, so look for some enticing deals to be published very soon.


What happened to the Infiniti Lease Deals?

Infiniti Leasing has been incredible and ranking near the top recently. Unfortunately, their January lease deals were not published at the time of this writing. Looks like we are due for another Infiinit Lease feature soon!. For now, here is the top-30 January Car lease deals.


Honda Tops January Car Lease Deals

12012 Honda Accord LX$250.00-$250.00$22,950.0036$8,500.00$236.111.03%$250.00$0.0035
22012 Honda CrossTour EX V6$340.000$31,150.0036$11,560.00$321.111.03%$340.00$0.0035
32012 Cadillac CTS Sedan$399.00$0.00$38,165.0036$14,364.00$399.001.05%$0.00$0.0036
42012 Cadillac CTS Coupe$429.00$0.00$39,590.0036$15,444.00$429.001.08%$0.00$0.0036
52012 Acura TSX Sedan$350.00$0.00$30,695.0036$12,250.00$340.281.11%$0.00$0.0035
62012 BMW 328iX Sedan$349.00$3,225.00$40,145.0033$14,742.00$446.731.11%$349.00$3,574.0033
72012 Honda Civic LX$230.000$19,425.0036$7,820.00$217.221.12%$230.00$0.0035
82012 Acura TL Sedan$420.00$0.00$36,490.0036$14,700.00$408.331.12%$0.00$0.0035
92012 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SR$169.00$1,830.00$19,020.0039$8,421.00$215.921.14%$169.00$1,999.0039
102012 Optima LX 2.4L A/T$189.00$2,310.00$21,750.0039$9,681.00$248.231.14%$189.00$2,499.0039
112012 Volkswagen Passat$219.00$1,780.00$23,460.0036$9,664.00$268.441.14%$219.00$1,999.0036
122011 Nissan Maxima S$309.00$2,690.00$32,885.0039$14,741.00$377.971.15%$309.00$2,999.0039
132012 Mercedes C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan379.00$3,660.0041,395.0033$16,167.00$489.911.18%379403933
142012 Volvo S60 T5 FWD$299.00$2,994.00$32,175.0036$13,758.00$382.171.19%299329336
152012 Mercedes C250 Sports Sedan$349.00$3,660.00$38,175.0033$15,177.00$459.911.20%349400933
162012 Subaru Legacy$199.00$1,800.00$19,995.0042$10,158.00$241.861.21%$199.00$1,999.0042
172012 Subaru Impreza$169.00$1,800.00$17,495.0042$8,898.00$211.861.21%$169.00$1,969.0042
182012 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 GLS A/T$199.00$2,400.00$21,455.0036$9,564.00$265.671.24%$199.00$2,599.0036
192012 Audi A3 2.0T FWD$350.00$2,143.00$32,725.0036$14,743.00$409.531.25%$350.00$2,493.0036
202012 Altima 2.5S$179.00$2,820.00$23,650.0024$7,116.00$296.501.25%$179.00$2,999.0024
212012 Volvo C70 T5 FWD$449.00$2,494.00$41,325.0036$18,658.00$518.281.25%449294336
222011 Toyota Prius$239.00$2,450.00$24,480.0036$11,054.00$307.061.25%$239.00$2,689.0036
232012 Hyundai Elantra GLS A/T$179.00$1,820.00$18,205.0036$8,264.00$229.561.26%$179.00$1,999.0036
242012 Toyota Camry$239.00$2,315.00$23,925.0036$10,919.00$303.311.27%$239.00$2,554.0036
252012 Mazda 6 4 Door$229.00$1,594.00$21,480.0036$9,838.00$273.281.27%$229.00$1,823.0036
262012 Volkswagen Jetta Manual$169.00$1,830.00$17,265.0036$7,914.00$219.831.27%$169.00$1,999.0036
272012 Kia Forte LX 2.0L A/T$169.00$1,830.00$16,950.0039$8,421.00$215.921.27%$169.00$1,999.0039
282011 Toyota Corolla LE$169.00$2,850.00$19,130.0036$8,934.00$248.171.30%$169.00$3,019.0036
302012 Mazda 3 4-Door$195.00$1,770.00$17,695.0036$8,790.00$244.171.38%$195.00$1,965.0036
312012 BMW 550iX Sedan$799.00$3,725.00$65,195.0036$32,489.00$902.471.38%$799.00$4,524.0036
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