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Fiat Leasing
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The day they announced that Fiat was coming back to America, I began looking for announcements from local Fiat Dealers on Fiat Leasing specials. Eight months later and there is still no word about Fiat Lease offers. If you know of one from your local dealer, please leave comments below on the details of their leasing offers. The lack of Fiat Lease offers on the web, should change soon. But first, let’s keep in mind that there is really only one model that will be available and see if this is the kind of car you would want to own or lease.

The Current Fiat Leasing Offer looks like this:

$199.00 Monthly Payment for 39 months with $1999 down. This is for the cheapest model. Figuring generously that Car has an MSRP of $16,000 instead of it’s $15,500 base price, this gives the Fiat a Lease Ratio of 1.56% (not bad, but horrible) Okay, so let’s talk about the Fiat Car, itself and what models are being offered here in the United States.

Fiat Models in America

The trendy, hip-looking, gas sipping Euro styled Fiat 500 will be the model that is sold inAmerica. The Fiat 500 comes in two designs: 500 Standard and the 500C, which has a unique, accordion style fold down top. The Standard Fiat 500 comes in two trim levels: Pop and Lounge. The 500C comes in three; Pop, Lounge and Sport. Pop models are manual transmission; the lounge is a 6-Speed automatic with other upgraded amenities and the Sport edition adds performance tuning, shocks, trim and other sports-oriented enhancements. . The Fiat 500 will start at $15,500 MSRP and go all the way up to $23,500 MSRP depending on how it is equipped. Even the standard Fiat Pop edition is pretty well equipped with 7 Air Bags, Speed Control, CD/MP3 and Electronic Information Center.

Fiat Sales in the U.S

Fiat Lease offers in America will be handled by Chrysler; mostly through small dealerships exclusively for selling Fiats and only Fiats.  So far, around 500 dealers across theUnited Stateshave applied for Fiat dealerships. As of March, only around 50 Chrysler dealers had adopted the Fiat and by year’s end that number will still be only around 125 or so, country-wide. So, it may be difficult finding a 500 or 500C, let alone a good Fiat Lease deal from your Chrysler / Fiat dealer if you have one in your location.  I checked my own local listings in Denver and there is currently only one Fiat Dealer open for business, Fiat of Denver on 505 S Havana, Aurora, CO. They have a very good selection of Fiat 500s’ around 160 cars in all. Unfortunately, there are no incentives being offered at the time and that includes Fiat leasing specials. Expect that to change. There is nothing exceptional about the performance of the Fiat 500, nor does it offer any kind of ground-braking technology or fuel efficiency.  For the same money or less you can buy or lease a Hyundai Accent or Elantra and get better gas mileage. What the Fiat does have  is charm and they are supposedly very well made with the kind fit and finish found only in more expensive European cars. So, if you like the car, forget about the gas mileage and other routine specs and ask yourself the more important question: Should I buy or Lease a Fiat 500?

Why Lease a Fiat?

Among the many other good reasons to lease these particular cars is this: With such a limited supply of these cars being introduced to a small number of dealers you can expect them to be gobbled up quickly by the niche group of Fiat enthusiasts waiting in line and willing to pay full MSRP for them. Why compete with that? Ask your dealer for Fiat Leasing numbers today. They may not have a good lease deal for you right now, but as the Fiat fad runs its course you can expect to find plenty of incentives, including Fiat Leasing specials designed to grow the market for well-made, economical European cars like these.

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