June Car Lease Deals

The June 2011 Car Lease Deals are Ranked from 1-30

Honda CrossTour

The June Car Lease Deals are out and this time it’s a mixed bag of results. Unlike May’s Car Leasing Deals, the month of June does have some car leasing deals you can get excited about. In fact, this month’s car lease deals are a considerable improvement over May.

Take the Honda Crosstour for instance; Lease the CrossTour for V6 EX edition for just $320.00 per month and nothing down.  These 0-Down Lease specials from Honda also require only 35 payments for a 36 term, resulting in an average car payment that is actually lower than the actual advertised payment. Over the course of 36 months your average payment on the Honda CrossTour is just $311.00 per month.  There are some other great car lease deals for June and like May, there are some not so good ones as well.

June 2011 Top-30 Best Car Lease Deals

# Model MSRP Term Down PMT PMT AVG PMT Total Cost LVR
1 2011 Honda CrossTour EX V6 $30,800.00 36 $0.00 $320.00 $311.11 $11,200.00 1.01%
2 2011 Honda Accord SE $25,450.00 36 $0.00 $270.00 $262.50 $9,450.00 1.03%
3 2011 Chevy Malibu LS $21,975.00 39 $2,320.00 $179.00 $238.49 $9,301.00 1.09%
4 2011 Toyota Camry LE $23,050.00 36 $2,310.00 $189.00 $253.17 $9,114.00 1.10%
5 2011 Nissan Maxima SE $32,885.00 39 $2,690.00 $309.00 $377.97 $14,741.00 1.15%
6 2011 Nissan Murano S $32,030.00 39 $2,670.00 $329.00 $372.15 $14,514.00 1.16%
7 2011 Mercedes C300 Sedan $38,350.00 33 $3,545.00 $349.00 $456.42 $15,062.00 1.19%
8 2011 Honda CR-V 2WD $22,705.00 36 $0.00 $280.00 $272.22 $9,800.00 1.20%
9 2011 Subaru Impreza $17,495.00 42 $999.00 $189.00 $212.79 $8,937.00 1.22%
10 2012 Acura TL Automatic $36,490.00 36 $0.00 $460.00 $447.22 $16,100.00 1.23%
11 2011 Subaru Legacy $19,995.00 36 $1,299.00 $209.00 $245.08 $8,823.00 1.23%
12 2011 Lancer Evolution GSR $33,995.00 48 $3,349.00 $349.00 $418.77 $20,101.00 1.23%
13 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 $30,534.00 36 $2,780.00 $299.00 $376.22 $13,544.00 1.23%
14 2011 Toyota Avalon $38,464.00 36 $3,100.00 $399.00 $485.11 $17,464.00 1.26%
15 2011 Acura RDX Automatic $33,780.00 36 $0.00 $440.00 $427.78 $15,400.00 1.27%
16 2011 Toyota Corolla Lease $18,830.00 36 $1,810.00 $189.00 $239.28 $8,614.00 1.27%
17 2011 Mazda3 4 Door $17,555.00 36 $1,594.00 $179.00 $223.28 $8,038.00 1.27%
18 2011 Acura TSX Automatic $36,035.00 36 $0.00 $480.00 $466.67 $16,800.00 1.30%
19 2011 Mazda6 $21,090.00 36 $1,594.00 $229.00 $273.28 $9,838.00 1.30%
20 2011 Altima 2.5S CVT $23,510.00 24 $2,820.00 $189.00 $306.50 $7,356.00 1.30%
21 2012 BMW 128i Coupe $35,925.00 36 $3,225.00 $379.00 $468.58 $16,869.00 1.30%
22 2011 Chevy Cruz LS $16,525.00 39 $1,850.00 $169.00 $216.44 $8,441.00 1.31%
23 2011 Mercedes E350 Sedan $54,275.00 33 $3,770.00 $599.00 $713.24 $23,537.00 1.31%
24 2012 BMW 750Li xDrive Sedan $95,375.00 42 $4,725.00 $1,179.00 $1,291.50 $54,243.00 1.35%
25 2011 Subaru Forester $20,495.00 42 $1,700.00 $239.00 $279.48 $11,738.00 1.36%
26 2011 Mercedes GLK350 SUV $39,575.00 30 $4,370.00 $399.00 $544.67 $16,340.00 1.38%
27 2011 Outlander 2.4 ES 2WD CVT $21,995.00 48 $2,599.00 $259.00 $313.15 $15,031.00 1.42%
28 2012 BMW X5 xDrive35i $48,575.00 36 $3,725.00 $609.00 $712.47 $25,649.00 1.47%
29 2011 Lancer ES CVT $17,495.00 36 $2,499.00 $199.00 $268.42 $9,663.00 1.53%
30 2012 Mazda5 Sport $20,195.00 36 $2,595.00 $267.00 $339.08 $12,207.00 1.68%

The 2011 Honda CrossTour gets ranked the Best Car Lease Deal for June:

What’s so great about the Honda Crosstour that it earns the ranking among the Top-30 Car Lease Deals for June, 2011?

The Honda Crosstour has the lowest LVR of the group at just 1.01%. LVR measures the car you get for your money. The lower the LVR, the better.

LVR stands for, Lease Value Ratio

Not interested in a Honda Crosstour? No worries, there are a few other car lease deals to get excited about:

Other Top Car Lease Deals

The Honda Accord SE, Chevrolet Malibu LS and Toyota Camry LE all have excellent Lease specials with an LVR of 1.10% or below. The Honda Accord SE lease is nearly as good as the Crosstour. Lease an Accord SE for $270.00 per month for 36-months, nothing down and make only 35 payments. Your Average Car Payment for the Accord SE is just $262.50 per month. If you’d like your average car payment and actual car payment to be the same, just tell your dealer you’d like to make the first months payment up front. Honda has been promoting these 35-month car lease deals for quite some time. While they are excellent lease values, the 35-month payment plan is just another one of those ways to make your lease deal look better than it is. The 2012 models are starting to show up in the car leasing deals.

2012 Car Leasing Specials

BMW is featuring leases on the 2012 models. Unfortunately, there are no BMW car lease deals to get too excited about for June.  The 328i,  750 LI xDrive and X5 xDrive featured in this months specials are rated #21, #24 and #28 among the Top-30 car leasing specials for June.  This is kind of odd, considering that we featured an outstanding local, lease deal on the BMW 328xi just last month. The lesson here is the same lesson I use to end every article. Always ask your dealer for a better car lease deal!

Check back around Independence Day for July’s Best Car Lease Deals.



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14 thoughts on “June Car Lease Deals

  1. I appreciate your effort and analysis. I think it works. I have played the numbers on my current target, the Buick Regal, and find that it should qualify for your list, but its not. So what gives? Am I running the numbers wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Alsl, at what number fall out of what you would find to be an excellent lease value? And do the mile allowed in the lease ever enter your analysis?

  3. Wow, let me try that again: At what number does a lease fall below what your would deem to be an excellent lease? And do the miles allowed under a lease enter into the analysis?

    • Bud,

      I rate anything below 1.10% as an excellent lease value. You’re absolutely right about the Buick Regal. I’m sorry that I forgot to check Buick’s lease specials this month because they have a couple of really good ones.
      I should have mentioned that my Top 1-30 leases is not all-inclusive – there are way too many cars to guarantee I can cover every single one of them.
      The Regal lease you’re talking about is an excellent lease and it’s a beautiful car, to boot.

      As for mileage, that is currently not part of my lease ratings factors, though I’ve been considering updating my formula to penalize leases that are 10,000 miles instead of 12,000. Another factor to consider, though, is the lease term. 39-Months is a quirky term and depending on how your state charges for registration fees, could be a drawback when you’re ready to turn the car in because you will have to pay for two registration fees within a 3 month period. One, for the remaining 3 months of your vehicle lease that is about to expire, and 3 months later when you lease or buy a new vehicle in its place. In Colorado, that could be pretty expensive. I would negotiate that term with the dealer or make them sign a contract that they will let you out of the lease 3 months early if you exchange it for another Buick, etc. Always ask the dealer for a better deal even for deals like this that are good enough the way they are.

      No matter how you look at it, you will end up with an excellent lease if this is what you want. In fact, it is good enough that I may write a quick summary of Buick lease specials within the next week or two.
      If you’ve got your sites set on a Buick Regal lease, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the car and thanks for writing,

      Kind regards,


  4. Love your posts! Any hidden incentives on BMW or MBUSA this month? I heard the 2011 X5 has up to $3,500. What about Audi, anything?

    Looking for a SUV 🙂


    • Thanks, Matt:

      Unfortunately, BMW is not showing much in the way of incentives. If there is a $3,500 incentive, then it must be hidden into the rather high lease payment of $609.00 per month. I love BMWs just as much as anyone, but right now, you’d be much better off going with an Acura MDX or even a fully equipped RDS with the SH-AWD and technology packages. On the other hand, there was an incredible lease deal on the BMW 328xi last month featured by a local Denver dealer, so you never know what you might get if you just ask your dealer for something fantastic on an X5. Always ask your dealer for a better deal.

      Here, is what it shows on the BMWUSA site for the X5 Lease:

      “Vehicle Registered outside N.Y.
      • $669 First months payment
      • $3,000 Down payment
      • $0 Security Deposit
      • $725 Acquisition fee
      • $4,394 Cash due at signing”

      Vehicle Registered in N.Y.
      • $669 First months payment
      • $3,000 Down payment
      • $0 Security deposit
      • $725 Acquisition fee
      • $4,394 Cash due at signing

      Build your own *Lease financing available on 2012 BMW X5 xDrive35i Premium vehicles, only at participating BMW centers on leases assigned to BMW Financial Services NA, LLC/Financial Services Vehicle Trust through June 30, 2011. Monthly Lease payments of $669.00 for 36 months based on MSRP of $55,675.00. Vehicle may need to be ordered. Total Lease payments are $24,084.00. Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. Program available to qualified customers and not everyone will qualify. Subject to credit approval. See participating dealer for details. Dealer contribution may affect terms. Lessee must cover insurance and all items not covered under the BMW Maintenance Program. At lease end, lessee will be liable for disposition fee ($350.00), any excess wear and use as set forth in the lease agreement and excess mileage charges of $0.20 per mile for miles driven in excess of 30,000 miles. Purchase option at lease end for $33,405.00 excludes taxes. Lessee acquires no ownership interest unless purchase option is exercised. See participating BMW centers for details and vehicle availability. For more information call 1-800-334-4269. Special lease rates and pricing may not be reflected throughout http://www.bmwusa.com. All figures presented are estimates only. Actual selling price may vary. Please see your BMW center for details. Ultimate Service covers all factory recommended maintenance on all new vehicles, as determined by the Service Level Indicator, for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Exclusions from coverage: gasoline, gasoline additives, windshield washer additives, tires, wheels, wheel alignment, tire balancing and rotation. All work must be performed by an authorized BMW center. See the Service and Warranty information booklet for more details and specific terms, conditions and limitations. ©2011 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.

  5. Rob:

    Thanks again for the info. I seen your post about the BMW 6 Series for almost 20,000 off MSRP I inquired about one but the next day it was gone!

    Any notables on any MBUSA Suvs?

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks, Matt:

      I’ll look into the Ford Leases and perhaps write a feature article on what I find. Check back soon.


      • Matt,

        I looked into those 24 month Ford Leases and they are bad. In fact, so bad, I won’t waste the time posting them here. Ford makes great cars, but right now, they are not offering very good lease terms.
        The Escape and Edge all have Lease Value Ratios in the 1.50 to 1.60% range which is awful. The Fusion is not any better at 1.53%.. If you want Ford, stick with the 1.9% 60 month loan offers which are available on most of their vehicles.



        • Just a comment, I gave gotten quotes on a 24 and 36 month lease 12k miles on a Ford Edge SE. The lease deals really are not that bad. They came back with $330 for 24 months with taxes and DMV fees down. This is an LVR of 1.13. The 36 month was $325 for an LVR of 1.11.

          • If I assume correctly that there are no other down payments involved besides the taxes then, yep – those are much better deals than the ones that Ford has advertised on their website for this month. This is why I always say, always ask your dealer for a better deal. The monthly car lease specials are for what’s published on the car manufacturer’s website only. The actual deal by dealer can often be much better if you ask.
            Once in a while, a a far superior lease special advertised in the local newspaper catches my eye. Last month it was this: BMW Lease Special

            It would be great if more people would write about their lease experience with the local dealers so we can compare.

            Thanks for writing!


  6. Rob,

    I have been searching for a 24 month lease on any Altima, Camry or Accord or similar. Having a hard time seeing a good value on a 24 month deal. Any suggestions?

    • Tom,

      Even though 24-Month lease specials are not always advertised, the lease term is always negotiable. Usually, the best lease values are for 36 months, but it can vary.
      You need to talk to your dealer. If you see a good deal that is 36 months – ask the dealer if they can make you that same deal for 24 months. Don’t feel they are doing you any favors. Make them match your price.
      For example, if I saw a lease special on a Toyota Camry for $199.00 a month and $1299 down for 36 months, I’d ask the dealer to make me that same offer for $199.00 a month, nothing down for 24 months. Always ask them for a little bit better than what you’re willing to pay – this gives you some room to negotiate.

      Best of luck and let us know how it works out.


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