Infiniti G37 Lease Tops Infiniti Lease Deals

Infiniti G37 Lease
Infiniti G37 Coupe

At a time where good car leasing deals seemed to take the month off, the Infiniti G37 Lease comes through. In fact, the G37 Lease is the best overall lease for the month of May. Infiniti Lease deals, overall, range from very good to excellent. This good looking G37 Sedan is fully loaded and retails for $42,000. The Infiniti G37 comes with

Infiniti Lease Specials

Infiniti G37 Lease Tops the List

Model MSRP Term Down PMT PMT AVG PMT Total Cost LVR
2011 Infiniti G37 Journey RWD Coupe $42,375.00 39 $2,110.00 $389.00 $443.10 $17,281.00 1.05%
2011 Infiniti G25 $35,175.00 39 $1,660.00 $339.00 $381.56 $14,881.00 1.08%
2011 Infiniti G37 Journey RWD Sedan $38,825.00 39 $2,120.00 $379.00 $433.36 $16,901.00 1.12%
2012 Infiniti M37 RWD Sedan $51,925.00 39 $2,420.00 $579.00 $641.05 $25,001.00 1.23%
2011 Infiniti EX35 Journey RWD $40,975.00 39 $3,580.00 $419.00 $510.79 $19,921.00 1.25%

The Infiniti G37 Lease Deal

What makes the Infiniti G37 Lease so special? First off, there is not a bad Infiniti Lease in the bunch for the month of May, but the G37 Lease in the Coupe Version has the lowest LVR of all the Infiniti Lease deals.  The Infiniti G37 Lease special features the 2011 Journey RWD model with Premium Package. Let’s get real – it’s not everyday you can lease a $42,000, well-equipped luxury car for under $400.00 per month. The Coupe version of the  Infiniti G37 RWD Lease features a payment of just $389.00 a month with $2,110 down for 39 months. Ugh, there’s that odd, 39-month lease term again. Despite the quirky 39 month lease term, the average car payment for the Infiniti G37 Lease is just $443.00 a month giving it an LVR of just 1.05%. Not only is it unusual to lease luxury cars with such low LVRs, it is even more unusual to find the sweetest lease deal of the bunch in a coupe.  The Infiniti Lease on the sedan is not too shabby with with a 1.12 LVR and slightly lower average car payment: $433.00 per month. You know this is a special Infiniti Lease Deal, but what makes the G37 car so special? The Infiniti G37 is a RWD luxury performance car with a 328HP V6 Engine,  7-Speed transmission with manual shift mode.  With the premium package you get a power-sliding, tinted moon roof, rear sonar system, 2GB Music box, Bose Infiniti studio audio system, driver’s audio stage and driver plus passenger-side seat memory system.

Other Infiniti Lease Deals

Infiniti Lease
Infiniti G25 Lease Deal

If you’re looking for an even more affordable lease deal in a personal luxury car, check out the Infiniti G25: $339.00 per month – 39 months – $35K MSRP – Average car payment of just $381.00 and a low, 1.08% LVR. At a time, when lease deals were looking kind of slim and uninspiring,  good to see Infinit Lease deals and Infiniti Finance have really stepped it up when we needed them! If this is any indication of what we can expect from future Infiniti Lease Deals and Infiniti Finance, it will be interesting to see the June lease deals, particularly on luxury cars. Last week we featured a review on the BMW 328xi leasing locally for just $249.00 a month.  Is this a sign of things to come or are luxury car makers like BMW and Infiniti seeing some good opportunities to win some business from Accord and Camrey buyers? Check back next month to see where the Infiniti G37 Lease and other Infiniti Lease offers follow up with these great deals.

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2 thoughts on “Infiniti G37 Lease Tops Infiniti Lease Deals

  1. First of all, great website! I have a couple of leasing-newbie questions…. I live in IL (if it matters) and was wondering, these deals always exclude tax. What do you pay tax on? The total lease-amount for the period, or the full value of the car? (if so, that would be a sizable 3000+ or so…).

    Is this usually rolled into the payment, or expected up front?

    Is the G37 coupe such a steal that there is little point in trying to negotiate a better deal?


    • Thanks, Tom:

      You’ve asked two excellent questions:

      One: How is Tax calculated on a Lease?
      The way states apply tax and registration to their car leasing and financing deals can vary. With a lease, your tax is usually based on the MSRP financed portion of the car (MSRP- less – the residual value) and rolled into your lease payment. For some reason, you are taxed on MSRP, not your discounted price and this could vary by state. As an example: If you lease a $27,000 MSRP Car and your tax percentage is 7%, and the residual value is 50%, you will pay taxes on $13,500 over 36 months: That should come to about $26.00 per month – but, it’s not that simple: There is also some interest figured in among that tax which is financed over the 36-month term. So, you’re probably looking at a tax bill of about $29.00 per month. My formula here may not be exact, but should give you a rough idea.

      I know some states allow you to roll your registration and license fees into the loan too, which I think is very helpful. Colorado doesn’t do that. I paid about $600 in state registration fees on the last $27,000 Toyota Rav4 I leased. That is one of the pains of leasing or buying new cars frequently. That first registration bill is a killer. States should recognize what a boon it would be for the economy if people weren’t fearing a tax bill of several hundred dollars in registration fees when they’re thinking about buying or leasing a new car.

      Two: Can you Negotiate a better deal on an already GREAT Deal?
      My motto lately is, “always ask your dealer for a better deal”.. Keep in mind, even though the Advertised G37 Coupe lease sounds like a steal, there is a good chance the dealer won’t have the exact model; or will have some other additional fees added in to the car that you weren’t expecting. Always expect the unexpected: If the lease is for $389.00 a month and $2,400, I’d tell the dealer I’d take it for $349.00 a month and nothing down. What have you got to lose? You make this offer, knowing that the advertised lease special is top dollar you’re willing to pay. Don’t ever let the dealer know what the most is that you’ll pay for the car. This applies to both leasing and financing.

      Thanks for writing. Bets of Luck!


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