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BMW Lease Deals 328xi
328xi Lease: $249

BMW Lease Deals don’t always jump out when I do these reviews, but every once in a while a local car lease deal gets published that is so amazing it needs to be posted on Monthly Car Lease as its own featured lease. Scanning the Denver Post Car ads this morning I stumbled across one of the best BMW Lease Deals I’ve ever seen. If you’re a BMW enthusiast like myself, but want a cheap bmw lease deal, take a look at this:

BMW Leasing Comparison

Best Ever BMW Lease?

So, here’s the Deal: Lease a BMW 328xi for $249.00 a month and a $3745 Down Payment for 27 months. The 27 month term and $3745 down are the only things I don’t like about this deal. If you can negotiate this deal with no down payment at all, your average car payment is still only $388.00 a month. That is an exceptional car lease deal. For a car that retails for $37,450 car, that’s an LVR of just 1.04. That is one of the lowest Lease Value Ratios I’ve ever seen for luxury car leasing.  Take a look at our Luxury Car Lease article from a few months back: Luxury Car Lease Specials. When we published the Best Car Lease Deals for May 2011, BMW Lease Deals LVRs ranged from 1.30 – 1.40%. You won’t see any Lease deals that compare to this in any of our prior car lease specials, BMW or otherwise. So, the question is; if you live in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Green Bay, etc., etc., will your local dealer make you this same kind of BMW Lease offer?

Local BMW Lease Deals in Your Area

The offers on BMWs in your area may vary, but if a Denver dealer is able to make such a deal, why can’t the rest of the BMW dealers throughout the country do the same? Chances are very good that they can make you this same kind of offer in your city. A good starting place is to call and ask them the question: “I read where a local Denver BMW dealer is offering a Lease on a BMW 328xi for just $249.00 a month for 27 months and $3745 down. Can you make that same type of deal for $329 a month and nothing down for 36 months?” Always start a little bit lower with your negotiations than you are willing to actually pay to give yourself some wiggle room. A lease offer without down payment should come out to around $387.00 per month. They might let it go for $349, $359 or $369 – so, don’t ever assume you’re asking too much. Always ask your dealer for a better deal, even when you’re looking at the best of the best in BMW Lease deals.

BMW Lease Deals

Payment Term Down Payment MSRP Total Cost Avg Payment LVR
2011 BMW 328xi $249.00 27 $3,745.00 $37,450.00 $10,468.00 $387.70 1.04%


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9 thoughts on “BMW Lease Deals

  1. Hi Rob,

    Fantastic blog, btw! Here in Vancouver BMW dealerships are having lease ‘specials’ on their demo vehicles. What do you think about leasing demos? Worth it, or would it be better to lease a new car?

    Here is a following deal:

    Titanium Silver Met, Black Lthrette, Classic Edition Package, Premium Package, 6-Spd Automatic Transmission w/ Steptronic, 3,164Km
    Stk# A1689

    1. Lease Option:
    From $295/ Month*
    2.9% Lease, 24 Months

    Sale Price $38,150
    Savings of: Over $6,500!*

    31 to choose from!
    MSRP $44,850

    *Lease 24 months, $5,000 down payment, 12,000km/yr, COD $9,235. Total payment $15,080. 2.9% APR Rate w/ BMW Financial Services only on approved credit. Total Cash Price $38,150. $2,195 Freight + PDI, $300 Documentation Fee, Applicable Fees & Taxes Extra.

    As you can see, the LVR is (if I’ve calculated correctly) 0.77 on a two year lease. What do you think?

    Also, what about paying Freight + PDI on a ‘demo’ that has like 4K?

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Gerry,

      Thanks for writing. I wouldn’t hesitate to lease a BMW with a few thousand miles on it. However, something isn’t quite your with your LVR calculation. To calculate LVR, you need to take your average car payment (Total Cost divided by Lease Term) and divide it by the retail price of the car. If I understand this correctly, your total payment is $15,080. That’s an average car payment of $628.00 per month ($15,080/24). I’m not exactly sure where the Total payment of $15,080 came from. I see the downpayment of $5,000, plus $2,495 in Freight and Fee; making it closer to a total cost of $14,575. However you add it up, that’s quite a bit of extra costs tacked on to that $295 advertised monthly payment.
      The result is an LVR of 1.43 (Average Car Payment / MSRP) – You can do much better than that leasing a new one in the United States, though it may be a different story in Canada. I would compare this demo lease to the new lease offers on the BMW Canada Website. Let us know how it compares to new lease offers.

      Thanks again for writing,


      • Hi Rob,

        Thanks for the reply and ‘fixing’ my LVR. Here is a quote I received on a 323i demo:

        I’m looking into the possibility of leasing a 323i luxury edition demo. What do you think of the following:

        Car has 5000KM; MRSP $39,250; + $695 options; -$6198 discount: $33,026

        48 months
        $5K down
        residual: $16749 (44%)
        monthly: $288.88
        hst (tax): 34.67
        total: $323.55 (a quote on the same NEW 323i works out to $349.62)

        disposal fee: $20
        Battery levy: $5
        Freight/PDI: $2195
        Theft recovery: $199
        PPSA: $40.11

        What are some tips to negotiate with dealers for a ‘better’ lease? What’s the LVR here?

        • Gerry,

          Is there a downpayment involved in addition to the other fees? If there is no dowpayment, the LVR is quote good – (around .85)..
          To make this simple for yourself, you need to get a lump sum total of all your out of pocket costs to lease the car. Take your total monthly payments and multiply it by the lease term – in this case 48 months.
          Add your out of pocket costs to the total lease payments and divide again by 48. That is your average payment. Take your average payment and divide it by the MSRP: (Around $39,000)
          Anything under 1.10 is a good lease deal. Keep in mind, that 48 months is somewhat of a long lease term. The disadvantage is that you may need to buy tires and/or brakes before your lease is up.

          For more info, take a look at the leasing guide: It’s all explained here: Car Leasing Guide and Terms

          • My mistake, Gary: I now see that you did list a downpayment of $5,000. Are those other fees (Freight, Battery Levy, Theft, etc) in addition to that? If so, then this is not a very good lease deal at all – at least judging by leasing averages in the U.S.. I’m not familiar with Canada, so perhaps it’s more expensive to lease cars there. At any rate, it never hurts to ask for a good deal.

            A good deal would be $389.00 a month with absolutely nothing down in downpayments or fees.
            Keeping that $389.00 figure in mind as my top payment, I’d ask the dealer for $329.00 a month and nothing down. Let them know they have some work to do to meet your expectations and get your business and perhaps they will meet you at $389.00..

          • Yes, there’s a down payment of $5k. You make some great points about 48 month leases and brakes/tires–didn’t think of that before.

            I’ll try for the $329/month with no down payment. thanks again, much appreciated for all your responses! 🙂 RSS feed subscribed. 🙂

          • Oh, and that downpayment would have other fees on top of that as well. Here is a CarCostCanada report on the 323i:

            Retail Price * Wholesale Price **
            Base $34,800.00 $32,010.00
            Freight $1,995.00 $1,995.00
            Optional equipment selected
            – FEDERAL AIR CONDITIONING EXCISE TAX (-EXTAX) $100.00 $100.00
            – 6-SPEED STEPTRONIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (205) $1,600.00 $1,600.00
            – LUXURY EDITION PKG -inc: 17″ x 8.0″ double spoke alloy wheels (style 161), P225/45R17 all season run-flat tires, glass sunroof, pwr seats w/driver memory, BMW Assist w/Bluetooth, USB port, (1) year safety & security pkg, Y-cable for iPod (REQ: KASW Seat Trim) (N/A w/354 Titanium Silver, 475 Black Sapphire, or A76 Deep Sea Blue Metallic Paints) (ZNL) $2,750.00 $2,530.00
            Totals including all items above $41,245.00 $38,235.00

            Current Factory Incentive Programs.
            Incentive Type Value Term Expiry
            Cash Incentives
            Alternate Cash Back/Factory to Dealer Rebate $3,600.00 January 3, 2011
            Option Credit/Factory to Dealer Rebate – Please see General Comment $1,600.00 January 3, 2011
            Delivery Credit/Factory to Dealer Rebate $2,000.00 January 3, 2011

            How much wiggle room do you think I have here?

  2. Hey Rob,

    Could really use your advice. Looking at a lease takeover for 41 months on a 323i. Originally buyer paid $5K down+ $400 security deposit.

    They are asking $4000 down, I keep the $400 security deposit, and they pay the lease transfer fee. Car has 7100KM (80K available in lease). $31,800 remaining in outstanding balance. Payments are $389/month tax in.

    Is this a good deal? What would be a reasonable offer? Thanks for your time!!

    • Hi, Gerry:

      I’m not sure where you reside, but in the United States, you can do much better with something similar to that car in a brand new BMW. For instance, you can lease a 328i Sedan for $299.00 a month and $4800 down. With the down payment figured in on the new car, your, average car payment is just $433.00 and an LVR of just 1.14%. The slightly used car you’re considering probably retails close to the same; has an average car payment of $522 and an LVR of 1.37%. The new car lease is a much better deal, but perhaps that’s not available in Canada and other countries.

      My advice would be to go to your BMW website for your region and compare this offer against their new leasing offers. BMW USA has some pretty good deals this month.

      Best of luck,


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