Prestige Car Leasing

prestige car leasing
Infiniti M56

In this Prestige car leasing segment, we’ll take a look at lease offers on cars that sell for $70,000 and above. There is one exception, and will get to that in a moment.

The Benefits of Prestige Car Leasing

Prestige car leasing has really evolved over the years and so have prestige cars. Low interest rates and high residual values have made leasing of prestigious cars an affordable option for people who might not have ever considered buying one. For instance, a $58,000 BMW 535i Sedan on a 60 month, 3.9% loan would get you the car at a $1,065 per month payment. To pay over a grand a month, one would expect to own a prestigious car – but does the BMW 535i really fit into the prestige category?
BMW has flashier, more expensive, and more prestigious models like the 550 and 750. The $50K to $65K market is no longer the top of the food change, though you can lease a car like the BMW 535i for $650 a month. You won’t find many of the prestigious car leasing deals online simply because they are priced outside of the market of even most luxury car shoppers. Though you might occasionally see a more expensive Porsche or Jaguar lease offer in your local newspaper or on radio ads, upper-end car leasing offers are usually for cars under $70,000.

For that reason, this special car leasing segment is limited to the few car makers who are offering lease offers on the $70,000 and up price range. This list is not all inclusive because there are so few cars in this price range being listed in print, on internet, radio or television. For example, Audi certainly makes a couple of models worthy of prestige status, but their A8 and S8 models had no advertised lease offer as of this writing. The remarkable fact about looking for prestige cars is that you can sometimes lease them for less than cars that cost several thousand dollars less. Super high residual values, low money factors and high credit scores are a strong combination for allowing prestige car leasing deals. You just have to find them. I squeezed the Infiniti M56 in the  car leasing offers below even though it doesn’t quite meet the $70K MSRP criteria. Why, because the M56 is a prestigious looking car and just now happens to have one of the better lease offers going. . The M56 is different. While price is not the only thing that makes a car prestigious, you’d be hard-pressed to find a prestigious car that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I decided to scour the web for prestige car lease deals on cars of $70,000 and above, and here is what I found:

Prestige Car Leasing Ratings

Model MSRP Term Downpayment PMT Total Cost AVG PMT LVR
1 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan $90,175.00 36 $5,684.00 $959.00 $39,249.00 $1,090.25 1.21%
2 Infiniti M56 Sedan $65,625.00 39 $2,999.00 $799.00 $33,361.00 $855.41 1.30%
3 Jaguar XK Coupe $83,875.00 36 $4,995.00 $999.00 $39,960.00 $1,110.00 1.32%
4 Jaguar XJ 5.0L Sedan $73,575.00 36 $4,995.00 $899.00 $36,460.00 $1,012.78 1.38%
5 Mercedes SL550 Roadster $102,600.00 36 $7,093.00 $1,299.00 $52,558.00 $1,459.94 1.42%
6 Mercedes S550 $93,000.00 36 $6,994.00 $1,249.00 $50,709.00 $1,408.58 1.51%
7 Porsche Targa 4S $108,000.00 36 $0.00 $1,807.00 $63,245.00 $1,756.81 1.63%
8 Porsche Panamera S $93,000.00 36 $0.00 $1,641.00 $57,435.00 $1,595.42 1.72%

The LVR Ratio difference between the Top car, the BMW 750i and the bottom car, the Porsche Panamera is as big as the grand canyon. On the other hand, being seen in a Porsche Panamera is probably a bit more unusual than being seen in the Bimmer, which adds a little bit to the prestige factor The Infinit M56 proves that you can look very prestigious in a car that cots far less money. The M56 doesn’t could easily be confused for a car you paid $90,000 or more.  BMW, though, with its 1.21 LVR is the king in this month’s favorite for leasing prestigious cars.


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