Car Lease Deals April 2011

While, the best car lease deals for April are not the best car lease deals of the year, there are some interesting new trends in car leasing this month. The top two car lease deals belong to hybrids: The Honda Civic Hybrid continues to have a fantastic lease. Pay $260 a month with nothing down for 35 months (you keep the car for 36 months) and you’ve got an LVR of just 1.02%. Next is the Toyota Camry Hybrid for $249.00 a month, $2499 down, 36 months with an LVR of 1.03%. Both, are excellent car lease deals, especially when you consider the rising fuel prices. On 4 car leases were good enough to be rated as ‘excellent’ for April.

Car Lease Deals April 2011 are Ranked and Rated

The next best car lease deals in the ‘excellent category’  belong to the Acura TL for $339 per month and $2499 down and the Buick Regal CXL for $294.00, nothing down for 39 months. Now, for a couple of not-so pleasant trends in car leasing for this month: 39 month leases seem to be on the rise. Nissan, Buick and Ford are all offering 39 month leases. Ford’s newest entry was a rather disappointing one with a Ford Taurus that has an LVR of 1.47% which places it in the ‘lousy-category’.  I was also disappointed to see BMW not offering any more of their little or no-money down lease offers on the 1, 3 and 5-series they had in the past. On a brighter note, the Toyota Sienna leases very well for a mini van and the Rogue SUV seems to be moving up in the rankings. Though, the Lancer EVO GSR lease falls under the ‘good-lease category’, it is an excellent 48-month lease for a sports car. The bad news for the month of April is that 8 of the 26 car leases were rated as lousy with LVRs of 1.35% or below. The good news is that Hybrids, SUVs and Minivans seem to be moving up in the monthly car lease specials.

Best Car Lease Deals Rated

Best Car Lease Deals
April Lease Ratings

Don’t see the car lease deal you want? Don’t worry, May is just around the corner – things can and do change fast in the car leasing industry.

Check back next month for May’s best car lease deals.

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