Kia Lease Deals

Kia Lease Deals

Kia Lease Deals for April have arrived. Since a lot of reasonable car lease offers didn’t fit into the April car lease specials, I made a commitment to get a middle-of-the-month car leasing Deals segment for some of the under-publicized, but up-and-coming cars like the Kia. In fact, I took some heat from newly satisfied owners of Kia lease deals for omitting their cars from my car leasing deals the last few months. In all fairness, Kia does have some reasonable lease offers and deserve to be mentioned up there with the big boys. Now that Kia is owned by Hyundai, they are a bigger car company and have a little more clout in the car lease market.

Car Leasing Featuring Kia Lease Deals

Kia is now offering 4 different Kia lease deals: The Optima LX for $199.00 a month; the Kia Sportage SUV for $209.00 a month, the interesting and fun, Kia Soul, for just $159.00 a month and the larger Kia Sorrento SUV for $239.00 a month. This current line-up of Kia car leasing Deals runs through May-2nd. While, these are all decent car lease deals, they are not spectacular. You will have to pay a good chunk of money up-front to get these low car lease payments: $2,599 on the Optima, $2,699 on the Sportage, $1,999 on the Soul and $2,999 on the luxurious Sorrento SUV. On a scale of Excellent to Poor, all of these Kia Car Leasing deals rank no worse than fair. This represents real progress in car leasing competition. Honda, Toyota and Nissan can no longer afford to look down at Kia and Hyundai as a low-end alternative with limited financing options. These Lease Offers bring Kia right within range of the big boys.

Kia Lease Deals for SUV

Kia Leasing Specials not so Special?

SUV Car Leasing enthusiasts: Before you get too excited about Kia Lease Deals on the Sorrento and Sportage, keep in mind that these leasing deals are for FWD, not AWD. The AWD car leasing deals still lag behind the rest of the market. Expect to pay $2,000 – $3,000 more for an AWD drive vehicle and a monthly payment that is about $60.00 to $75.00 higher. With gas prices on the rise, we can only hope to see better financing and car leasing deals from the fuel efficient selection of AWD vehicles in the SUV segment. It’s only a matter of time. Fuel efficient car leasing will be the hottest trend in 2011 and when summer turns the corner again, look for a big comeback in SUV car leasing deals.

Kia Lease Specials
Kia Lease Ratings

Check back each month for the latest on Leasing the Kia.


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