Best Coupe

Best Coupe

What is the Best Coupe for your money? With the exception of this month’s awesome Cadillac Lease Special, it seems like the best car deals rarely include coupes. There are a couple of simple reasons for this: One, coupes usually cost a little more than their identical sedan twins. Two, coupes are not as practical as a form of transportation. Another problem is that some car makers are simply no longer making coupes. But, while the choices in our lineup may seem somewhat limited, there are more than enough worthy continues for the review on Monthly Car Lease.

While a coupe is generally a sportier, 2-door version of a sedan, their all-purpose use is slightly more limited. Sedans tend to appeal to a wider audience, thus they maintain a slightly higher residual value after they become a few years old. A sedan like say, a BMW 335Xi, is fun, sporty, luxurious and much easier to fit 1 to 3 passengers in the backseat. On the other hand, nothing says, sports car quite as well as a 2-door coupe and if you are single or an empty-nester, you will rarely ever need the back seat, right?

So, if you find yourself in that category, just know that you may pay a tad more for a Coupe Lease.
For example, below is a Lease Comparison between the Accord LX Coupe and the Accord LX Sedan.

Coupe Lease Comparison

Accord LX Sedan Lease

  • MSRP: $22,730
  • Average Monthly Payment: $243.05
  • LVR: 1.07

Accord LX Coupe Lease

  • MSRP: $24,330
  • Average Monthly Payment: $272.22
  • LVR: 1.12%

Note, that the $1,600 cheaper MSRP is not the only difference between the LX Sedan and the LX Coupe. The LX Sedan represents a better Lease Value Ratio by .05%. Based on the lease value formula, a Coupe Lease should net an average monthly payment of around $260.33, a difference of $12.00. But, hey it’s the best that we’re after, not a stodgy old family sedan, right? So, is $12.00 a month more any reason not to consider Coupe Leasing? Absolutely not. Despite the fact that practical cars lease better, there is still plenty of good examples of Coupe Leases worth considering.


What is the Best Coupe for the Money?

Monthly Car Leases uses the LVR (Lease Value Ratio) to determine which lease special gives you the Best Coupe for your monthly car payment. Coupe Leasing is no different. The MSRP is irrelevant. Of the many benefits of leasing a car, the most important one is to get the best value for your monthly payment. Whether we lease or buy cars, we have to consider the ones that fit our monthly budget. The Best Coupe is the one we can afford I’ve examined some of the most popular coupes on the road today, ranging in price from $15,000 to $50,000. Unfortunately, not all coupes offer advertised monthly lease specials, so we’re limited to the ones that do. The Best Lease Offer on a coupe is the Cadillac, with the Infiniti G37 a very close second.


The Best Coupe award this month goes to the Cadillac CTS.

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