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New Car Gas mileage ratings are here: New Car Leasing is not just about driving nice cars, but saving money. Gas prices are going up again, leaving many of us wondering if we really need the power of that V6 or the hauling and utility features of that SUV that only gets 18MPG on the highway. Compare 18MPG to the 50MPG that you can get with a Toyota Prius or the 43MPG you’ll get with a Honda Insight. Wait! Before you go out and spend your hard earned money on a new Prius, have you really calculated the amount of money you’ll save on gas vs. the extra coin it costs to buy a hybrid or energy efficient vehicle? Are Hybrid Vehicles worth the Extra Monthly Payment when it comes to new car leasing? Not always – and here’s why:

Gas Mileage Ratings Formula

Gas Savings Calculated

I love using spreadsheet numbers to illustrate hard cold facts that might otherwise be ignored. I thought it would be interesting to calculate whether or not the most gas efficient vehicles translate to a lower monthly expenditure, overall. When it comes to new car leasing, I guess I was not overly surprised to learn that it’s not true. In most cases, you can’t save money by paying more for a vehicle that produces better MPG. In fact, most of the time, you will get far less vehicle for your money, for very little gains in overall savings. While it’s true, Prius, Volt and Leaf drivers may pay less at the pump, they paid a far great amount of coin to get that vehicle than they would have paid for a vehicle that provides better performance for a lower monthly lease payment. The Prius has impressive technology if you enjoy fuel economy and electrical charging statistics. Other than that, a Toyota Prius provides about as much driving thrill as your father’s Chrysler K-Car. Like the Prius, the K-Car was also inspired by energy and fuel concerns. So, there you have it. NFC’s (No Fun Cars), have been around since the late 1970’s.

How to Calculate your True Gas Mileage Savings

I think a lot of us get so excited about the idea of saving money on gas, we fail to actually look at the numbers. Of the 20 car Lease Specials I reviewed, there is only a $76.00 per month gas mileage savings from the worst car to the best car. The very lowest gas mileage payment winner belongs to the Toyota Prius. I calculate that a Toyota Prius driver who drives 1,000 miles a month will only spend $60.00 per month at the gas pump, based on a gas price of $3.00 per gallon. Conversely, the worst car, the AWD Subaru Impreza, will cost its driver $136.00 a month at the pump. Sounds bad, huh? Well, not so fast. When you factor in the lower Monthly Lease payment of the Subaru Impreza, the Prius only offers a savings of $13.00 a month over the worst gas mileage Car Lease Special. It is certainly a matter of opinion which car offers more value. The Subaru Impreza offers much quicker acceleration, better handling in an All Wheel Drive. There are a few other cars that will yield a lower, overall gas-mileage/combined lease payment than the Prius: The Honda Fit, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic LX, Chevy Cruze, Mazda 3 and Hyundai Elantra, all come out ahead of the Prius Lease in overall gas/monthy payment savings. But there is a hybrid it garnered top honors in this New Car Leasing contest:

The Honda Insight Wins the Contest

For an average Monthly Lease Payment of around $205.00 per month, you can lease a Honda Insight that gets a combined CITY/HWY MPG of 43 miles per gallon. Figuring in the same monthly average of 1,000 miles, the Honda Insight will only cost you about $73.00 per month at the gas pump. That gives you a monthly lease payment of only $277.00 including gas! If your first and only goal is a low monthly payment, the Honda Insight is the best value among current monthly lease specials. Just remember, though: There are other reasons we lease a car: Performance, luxury, safety, handling, cargo room are among the many other things we are looking for in a car. So, if you enjoy the extra performance of a V6 Engine or need the cargo and passenger capacity of a Mini Van or SUV, don’t let MPG be the deciding factor in your next New Car Lease. Fuel Economy doesn’t make nearly the difference in your bottom line monthly cost that you probably once thought. Don’t let a few extra MPGs keep you from buying or leasing the car you really need…or want.

New Car Leasing Gas Mileage Ratings

Top-20 MPG Car Lease Deals

Below are the top 20 New Car Leasing Deals based on MPGusing total monthly payments and gas costs as part of your overall, monthly payment. The figures below are based on 1,000 miles driven per month and $3.00 Per Gallon Gas. Down Payments are figured into the New Car Leasing Term to derive the Average Monthly Payment.

New Car Leasing MPG Ratings
Gas Mileage Ratings

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