Cruze Leasing from 2014

This Chevy Cruze Lease Article was Updated on June 25, 2014

It is interesting to note that the lease deal on the Cruze has been upgraded by General Motors. Chevy is now offering the LT at the same price as the bland, basic version a couple of years ago. The LT trim is a $20,735 MSRP model at the same price. You can still lease a Cruze for $159.00 a month, but you’ll be getting the upgraded, LT trim. That’s with either $1,849 down for current GM owners or $2,349 for non, GM owners. I have to say, GM picks a heckuva way to try to entice new customers on their brand. Why do they charge a $500 premium if you don’t currently own a GM? Are they trying to actually get new Chevrolet Cruze drivers or punish and abandon the old ones and disqualify any chance they might have of coming back to Chevy? If you are interested in a Chevy Cruze and do not currently own a GM car, I would hassle and negotiate with your dealer on this point. Tell your dealer to let GM know that if they want a new customer, this is not the way to do it. Either way, the Cruze LT Lease is a good one. Since I began publishing car lease specials GM car leasing has gone from poor, to average to good to quite good. If you are curious about how this deal evolved, please read the original article below.

Chevy Cruze Lease
Chevy Cruze LS Lease

A Chevy Cruze Lease has been available at ultra low payments for some time.  It is good to see Chevrolet back in the car leasing business and the Cruze Lease is a good one. Normally, leases on newly released cars like the Cruze LS is a little bit cost prohibitive due to their unknown resale value. GM is offering a pretty reasonable car lease deal on the Cruze LS: $159.00 a month, $1899 down for 39 months. This translates to an LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of 1.28% which is not too bad. Perhaps, what is even better than the chevy cruze lease offer, is the car itself.

Details on Leasing a Cruze

What’s to like about the new, Cruze? Economy and fun. Reasonable Car Lease deals in this price range are usually only available from Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas and Volkswagen Jettas. The Cruze actually offers a newer, sportier design, as well as a few other advantages over the rest of these cars:

  • Better Gas Mileage: The Turbo Charged 138HP, 1.4L provides 24/36MPG. The 1.8HP, 138HP non-turbo, 6-Speed Manual featured on the Base Chevy Cruze LS lease should get you even better than that. Highway Fuel Estimates for the Cruze LS are around. 40MPG. When you consider the large, 15.6 Gallon Tank of a car that averages 40MPG on the highway, you can expect to go up to 600 miles on a single, tank of fuel. That is quite the cruising range – hence the name Cruze?
  • More Passenger Room: The Cruze gives you more passenger leg and head room than either the Corolla or Civic.
  • More Cargo Room: The Cruze has about 20% more cargo room than either the Corolla or Civic.
  • Style and Fun: This is certainly a subjective term, but I bet most people would agree the Cruze look like a heckuva lot more fun than a Toyota or Honda. When you factor in the 1.4L Turbo engine of the upper trim levels, the Cruze is an impressive, economical sports car
  • Standard Features: Includes on the Manual Transmission base model is electronic stability control, 4-Wheel ABS Brakes, 16” Wheels and both On-Star and XM Radio.

Turning in a Cruze Lease

Ask your dealer if you can get the 39 month term reduced to 36 months. Otherwise, depending on the state you reside in, you will be paying taxes and registration fees with only 3 months to go on the lease. Watch your mileage. The 12,000 miles per year is generous enough, but if you go over that, the fee is unreasonably high, at .20 per mile.

Other Lease and Purchasing Options on the Chevy Cruze

If I were looking into a Chevy Cruze Lease, I would rather put no money down and make a higher monthly payment of around $205-$210. Furthermore, I would ask the dealer about leasing the sportier, Turbo Charged models: LT, LTZ, The Base Price of the Cruze Turbo Models is only $2,000 higher which should only raise your payment by $40-$50. Ask them for a better deal!

The Value of Leasing a Chevy Cruze

Cruze LS Base Model
MSRP $16,275.00
Months Term 39
Down Payment $1,899.00
Monthly Payment $159.00
Total Cost $8,100.00
Average Payment $207.69
LVR 1.28%

Leases are subject to change. Ask your dealer for an even better deal on a Chevy Cruze Lease.

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