Luxury Car Lease Comparison

luxury car lease compare
Luxury Car Lease Compare

Luxury Car Lease Comparisons

The selection on the Luxury Car Lease for 2009 and 2010 so far, was a little disappointing. Due to the new model years on Lexus, Acura and BMW models, the track record for low, established residual (or resale values) hurts the luxury car leasing market, somewhat.

There are a couple of things required for a cheap car lease:

  • High Resale (residual) Values.
  • Low Interest Rates

For a high residual value and established track record is necessary. This isn’t possible on the newly released designs of luxury cars. However, Interest rates are certainly low and there are many luxury cars with very high residual values do exist. So, what’s the problem? Well, there are a few other things which have probably kept luxury cars lease offers from being what they should or could be. For one thing; unlike other trends, luxury items react a little different to the economy. Car Makers likely can’t increase sales to the general public in a down economy on luxury cars. The majority of Car Buyers are shopping for bargains. Those of us who are interested in New Car Leasing, are looking for a cheap car lease rather than trying to decide whether or not to get that luxury BMW 335i with or without the Navigator Option. The Best Cars to Lease are usually the ones that have some type of incentive tied to them. It could be that it’s at the tail end of a design phase; excess inventory of a very popular model; or any other number of reasons a car manufacturer has to move inventory. New Car Leasing is an attractive way to get potential car buying prospects to drive a car that is greater than what they could afford on a typical 60-month, low-interest car loan. So, really a luxury car lease offer is a marketing tool. The economic conditions of the last 2 years have probably resulted in manufacturers focusing on more practical car lease alternatives. So, rather than enticing us to take that step up into a luxury model, the incentive is to get us into a the cheapest car lease possible. If this sounds a little bit negative, take heart. There is some good news.

0-Down Luxury Car Lease Offers from BMW

Some of the lease payments and LVR (Lease Value Ratios) on Luxury car lease BMW 1-Series and 3-Series models have been reduced drastically in the last few months. For instance, you can lease now lease a 328i xDrive for $459.00 per month for 36-months with 0-Down. BMW has not extended these 0-Down Lease offers on their 5-Series or X-Series SUV models. These 0-Down, Lease Offers are only available on the 1-series and 3-series models.

Rank Model Term PMT AVG Down Total Cost MSRP LVR
1 2011 BMW 128i Coupe 36 $399.00 $399.00 $0.00 $14,364.00 $34,350.00 1.16%
2 2011 BMW 328i xDrive 36 $459.00 $459.00 $0.00 $16,524.00 $40,550.00 1.13%
3 2011 BMW 335i xDrive Sedan 36 $539.00 $539.00 $0.00 $19,404.00 $48,000.00 1.12%
2011 BMW 335i xDrive Coupe
36 $569.00 $569.00 $0.00 $20,484.00 $49,950.00 1.14%



Acura 0-Down, 35 Month Luxury Car Lease Offers

On a few of their Luxury Car Lease Models, Acura is offering 36 month lease terms with only 35 payments. That’s right, you get the first month free and make 35 payments, thereafter. Also, they’ve extended the 0-Down Lease Offers to some of their SUV models as well as the new, ZDX.

Rank Model Term PMT AVG Down Total Cost MSRP LVR
2010 Acura RL
36 (35 PMTs) $620.00 $602.78 $0.00 $21,700.00 $51,310.00 1.17%
6 2011 Acura MDX 36 (35 PMTs) $590.00 $573.61 $0.00 $20,650.00 $43,440.00 1.32%
7 2010 Acura ZDX 36 (35 PMTs) $640.00 $622.22 $0.00 $22,400.00 $50,855.00 1.22%



Lexus Luxury Car Lease Offers

Lexus has a decent, no-money-down Luxury Lease Offer on the IS250 AWD Sedan. The leasing on the RX-350 SUV is reasonable, too, but for some reason, the only 0-down offer is on the IS250.

Rank Model Term PMT AVG Down Total Cost MSRP LVR
2011 Lexus IS-250 AWD
36 $459.00 $459.00 $0.00 $16,524.00 $37,821.00 1.21%
9 2010 Lexus HS Hybrid 36 $339.00 $436.19 $3,499.00 $15,703.00 $36,546.00 1.19%
10 2011 Lexus RX-350 AWD 36 $469.00 $566.19 $3,499.00 $20,383.00 $43,810.00 1.29%


Luxury Car Lease Verdict

With the outstanding resale value and reliability of Japanese Cars, you’d think they would dominate the Luxury Car Lease segment, but that simply wasn’t the case. BMW is offering the best car lease deals for luxury models on it’s 1-Series and 3-Series Models. All-in-all, the luxury car lease specials for October, 2010 is encouraging.

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