Best Gas Mileage Cars to Lease

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The reason we lease cars is to enjoy low monthly payments, pay little or nothing down and to reduce or eliminate maintenance costs. In short, we lease cars to save money. There is one way to save even more money: Lease a car that gets excellent gas mileage. The EPA has released their Top-10 Gas Mileage Cars for 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately this EPA listing of Fuel Efficient cars excludes the ones that are available for leasing. Of the Top-10 of Best Gas Mileage cars listed by the EPA, many of them are hybrids which either don’t lease at all or simply don’t make very attractive lease offers. Last year, Honda surprised me one month with a Civic Hybrid lease special that blew everything else away. For $199.00 a month and $2,299 down, you could lease a Civic Hybrid rated at 40/45 MPG. I have never seen a more affordable, economical way to enjoy a quality, new car for three years. Unfortunately, lease deals like this are rarely seen on Hybrid Cars. Because Hybrids require a sophisticated battery, they are 15 – 20% more expensive than standard cars. The uncertainty of the battery’s reliability and longevity probably add to their rate of depreciation. On a Toyota Prius or Honda Civic Hybrid, the battery depreciates faster than the rest of the car. Hence, most hybrid cars just don’t lease very well – at least not yet. Other highly rated gas mileage cars are very small, sub compacts like the Toyota Echo or Hyundai Accent which get around 40MPG on the highway. You won’t find these cars on the EPA top-10 list – only Hybrids. Regardless, sub compacts, due to their extremely low cost, just don’t lease well either. Many times, you can lease a nicer, more expensive car for less money because they hold their value better. In almost all cases, you can lease a nice car for cheaper than you can buy an economy car. This is something to think about when your car-buying friends brag about how much money they are saving on gas. Ask them how much it cost them to buy that car and compare to what you would pay over a 3-4 year lease term on a reasonably priced upgraded car. I would much prefer driving a Toyota Camry over a Toyota Yaris, and with the money I saved, I could afford the extra gas. In a perfect world, we want nice cars that lease well and provide good gas mileage.  I’ve done some shopping around and found some car leases deals that accomplish this task. Despite the absence of the terrific Civic Hybrid, there are some great leases on fuel economy cars. There is even one that completely takes it place. Look below to see the clear winner in Best Gas Mileage Cars To Lease. As you can see, the 2010 Honda Insight is a terrific deal. For $199.00 a month and just $1799 down, you can drive a car that gets a combined 41 Miles Per Gallon. Leasing a Honda Insight is an excellent way to save money for three years. Except for the Honda Insight, you may notice how the rest of the cars, don’t always pair good gas mileage with good lease payments. That’s not to say that these are not all good cars, but if your intention is to save money on gas, consider how you will end up paying for the difference on monthly lease payments and/or down payment. The Honda Insight gives you the best of all worlds; a low lease payment and LVR (Lease Value Ratio), plus excellent fuel economy.

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best gas mileage cars for leasing

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