Nissan vs Toyota Car Lease Comparison

Toyota Vs Nissan Lease Comparison
Toyota Vs Nissan Lease Comparison

Earlier this month, the monthly specials from Nissan vs Toyota didn’t become available to me in time for my November Monthly Car Lease Ratings. I promised that I would do an update lease feature later this month. What better way to do it then to have a Car Lease showdown between two of the most popular Japanese Imports? Both Toyota and Nissan have frequently made the top of the list in my monthly lease ratings. Since the Toyota Camry has won two of the last three monthly lease ratings, it’s a great time for a showdown between Nissan and Toyota.

For this Nissan vs Toyota Lease Comparison Showdown, I’ve chosen five categories:

    • Economy Sedan: Toyota Corolla vs. Nissan Sentra
    • Standard Sedan: Toyota Camry vs. Nissan Altima
    • Luxury Sedan: Toyota Avalon vs. Nissan Maxima
    • Economy SUV: Toyota RAV4 vs. Nissan Rogue
    • Standard SUV: Toyota Highlander vs. Nissan Murano

Looking at the Chart Below, you’ll see that Toyota Leasing Specials this month beat Nissan in a landslide. Except for the Standard SUV and Luxury Sedan Category, Nissan did not even come close. The Toyota Camry which leases for only $199.00 per month and $1299 down clobbers the Nissan Altima that leases for $239.00 per month and $2,999.00 down. If the Camry Lease at $199.00 per month and only $1299 down is not impressive enough, Toyota has done it again with their popular RAV4 SUV. For just $199.00 a month and $2,399 down, you can lease one of the most popular economy SUV’s in America. Also, the Toyota Corolla whips up on the Nissan Sentra pretty bad with a lease payment that is $10.00 cheaper and requires $1,200 less in down payment cap reduction. The Toyota Highlander against the Nissan Murano, as well as the Avalalon vs. Maxima are a much closer race. Still, the edge goes to the Toyotas. In the case of the Avalon and Maxima, the MSRP is about $6,000 less in favor of Nissan, so it’s hard to draw a hard, fast conclusion between those two lease payments.

It’s clear that the Toyota RAV4, Corolla and Camry offer great values for Car Leasing fans. However, I do recognize that taste and style are a matter of personal taste, so don’t be too concerned with the raw numbers. These are pretty good lease deals. Choose the car you want.

Car Lease Showdown

Nissan vs. Toyota

Toyota vs Nissan Lease Comparison
Toyota vs Nissan Lease Comparison
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