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Infiniti Offers Best Luxury Car Lease

Luxury Car Lease Comparison
Luxury Car Lease Comparison

As I completed the spreadsheet for the Top-10 Car Leases for November, I thought it would be interesting to do a comparison feature on the luxury car lease offers this month. This particular car lease comparison feature is for cars $40,000 and above. Unfortunately, not all car makers are publicly listing lease offers these days. So, if you are wondering why Lexus and Mercedez Benz are being left out of my car lease ratings comparisons, I am wondering the very same thing. Unfortunately, neither Lexus nor Mercedes are advertising any lease specials this month. I have no doubt I could visit my Stevenson Lexus Dealer in nearby Lakewood, CO and get a lease quote, but for some reason Lexus is not advertising any specials online. Mercedes did have some lease offers recently, so I will assume they will be back online soon.
Out of 18 Luxury Cars and SUVs, the 2009 Infiniti G Coupe RWD Journey tops the list with a very low LVR (lease value ratio) of just 1.23. My initial hunch was that the 2009 G leases so well because it is a year-old model and heavily discounted, but the 2010 Infiniti EX35 AWD Lease which is nearly just as good, proves that is not the case. You can lease the 2009 Infiniti G Coupe for just $399.00 per month and $3,999 down. For a car with an MSRP of almost $41,000 this is a good deal. The term is a little bit odd, at 39 months instead of the usual 36. The one thing that would concern me about the 39 month lease term would be paying for registration at the end of the 3rd year, only to turn the car in 3 months later and be faced with another registration fee on a new car. Never the less, $19,560 is a reasonable total cost to drive a luxury coupe for 39 months. Infiniti also offers some great deals on their EX35 and FX35 all-wheel-drive SUVs.

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Outside of the top three Infinitis, the next best lease deal is the BMW 528i, which retails for $48,000 and a $479.00 Monthly Lease Payment. At the bottom end of the chart is the Jaguar XF 5.0L. While the Jaguar does lease for $30.00 per month less than its Infinti M45 competitor, the $5500 down payment is nearly $1500 more. This is probably because the residual value of Jaguars after 3 years is not quite as good as its Japanese and German competitors. Still, the Jaguar is a distinguished luxury car that some wouldn’t hesitate to pay more for a luxury car lease.

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