Best Car Lease For November 2009

Best Car Lease
Best Car Lease

I’ve made a game of trying to get these Monthly Lease Specials posted by the 5th of each new month.  Some of the Car manufacturers are not playing my game and have chosen to mix things up a bit with their lease offers.  For instance, Toyota is extending last month’s leases through November 16th. I’ve not been able to find lease specials for Lexus for the last several months, and as of November 5th, neither Nissan or Mercedes-Benz are advertising any lease specials. If you know me, I’m a timely guy and take pride in getting my Best Car Lease and Lease Ratings published by the 5th of every new month. It’s almost as if these car makers are doing this on purpose to make things difficult for me. Maybe Mercedes and Lexus don’t like being judged by their Lease Offers every month. I decided there’s no harm in going ahead and publishing what I have, without Nissan and Toyota car lease specials this time. This gives me a good excuse to post another article as soon as they do announce some new lease offers. Expect to see an update at least by November 16th when the current Toyota Lease Special expires.

Acura TSX V6 2010 Sedan Best Car Lease

You can lease a sexy, powerful, 2010 Acura TXS V6 for $319.00. That’s with $3,599 down for 36 months. The TSX 6 has an MSRP of $35,660. The Total Lease Cost over the 36-month period is $15,083, which averages out to be about a $419 monthly payment. That gives the TSX an LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of just 1.17% See, my Lease Ratings Guide for a closer explanation.
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