October 2009 Car Lease Offers

Toyota Camry Tops October 2009 Car Lease Offers

2009 Volkswagen EOS Lease
2009 Volkswagen EOS Lease

No, this is not a picture of a Toyota Camry to the left, but we’ll get to that later. What’s more important is this: Isn’t it amazing that you can drive a $23,000 car for three years for just $1299 down and $199.00 a month? The Toyota Camry LE 2010 Model has an average monthly payment of just $235 a month. This translates into one of the very lowest Lease Value Ratios ever at a tiny 1.03 %. For an explanation of how this works, visit this page: Car Lease Ratings Guide. By anyone’s taste, the Toyota Camry is a great car for the money. The 2010 Camry offers a powerful V6 engine, quiet ride and reasonable 22.5 MPG average fuel economy. Okay, so the Toyota Camry might not be the most exciting car on the road, but it is safe, quiet, powerful, and reliable. At just $235.00 per month, you can not possibly drive a better car for your money for the next three years. Not far behind in lease offers this month, is the Toyota Corolla with an LVR of just 1.12.

If you want something different or unusual, Volkswagen has a very enticing deal with it’s EOS 2009 convertible Lease for just $289.00 a month and $3,299 down. This is a very stylish car that retails for over $33,000. Not many cars in this price range can be leased for an average monthly cost of under $400.00. Now on to the October 2009, Car Lease Specials.

The Top – 20 Car Lease Offers for October 2009

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