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Car Lease DealsEach and every month, great car lease deals are waiting for you. Monthly Car Lease Ratings is your resource for quickly locating the best lease offers and car lease deals from all major car manufacturers. You will get the very latest car lease offers from Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW, Lexus, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, etc, etc. Each month these car manufacturers come up with enticing lease offers on their latest models. You might hear about and see  these latest auto lease specials listed in Television, newspaper, internet and Radio Ads, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a monthly listing of the top offers right at your disposal? Monthly Car Lease Ratings ranks the top-15 to top-10 car lease deals each month and posts them here to save you time when shopping for your next vehicle. Our unique Lease Guide uses a logical mathematical formula to determine which monthly lease payment is giving you you the most car for your money. Of course, we will also provide you with details, specs and news about the very latest automobiles offered.

How to Shop for Car Lease Deals?

Car leasing, is perhaps the most misunderstood financial choice a consumer can make these days. Those who have never leased a car often discourage others from this practice simply for a couple of reasons:

  1. They have heard the horror stories of the rare and/or unfortunate experience of others.
  2. They simply have never been educated or taken into account all of the facts about car leasing

Isn’t this true with just about every financial decision we make? You can be certain that bad consumer experiences occur in every financial corner of our lives. Whether we’re buying a house or a new car, we are taking on some uncertainty and running an unknown amount of risk. The fact is, we are just as likely to get taken for a ride buying a car as we are leasing a car. One of the beauties of leasing is that you will never pay full retail price for your mistake. Leasing a car is no more complicated than buying one. You do not have to understand all of the leasing terms; i.e depreciation, lease factor, residual value, capitol cost, to make an informed lease decision. What you should be able to do, though, is the very same thing you should do when purchasing a car:

    • Know what the MSRP (manufactured retail price) of the car.
    • Know what the sales price of the car is. This is the MSRP less your discount
    • Know what your interest rate is. In leasing terms, the lease factor is simply another way of stating the interest rate. The dealer should be able to give you this number.
    • Know what your total payout is for the life of the loan, including any money you put down to reduce your monthly payment
    • Make sure you will not exceed the allowed mileage (usually 10,000 – 12,000 miles per year. Anything beyond that usually results in a fee of 10-cents to 20-cents per mile. That can add up fast, if you’re thousands over your allowed mileage.)
    • Finally, read the fine print and look for any fees that might be due at the end of your lease agreement

(Normally, leasing does not have any hidden fees or costs. Some leases require a disposition or termination fee at the end of the lease term – usually $300 – $500. A third party inspection company will inspect your car for damage or any excess mileage.)

Keep in mind, that no half-way decent car dealer is going to let you turn in an expired car without trying to make you a reasonable offer on something new. You can work with them and negotiate with them just as if you were trading in a car that you owned. Ultimately, the car belongs to the bank that loaned you the money, but this doesn’t mean that a car dealer can’t purchase the car from you in order to make a win-win transaction on selling you something else. This is no different than purchased cars. Car dealers want your business and assuming you plan on replacing your leased cars, they will make it worth your while to reach a comfortable conclusion to your lease. In many cases, you can take your car back to a dealer one to three months before the lease is up, and let them pay off your lease in order to complete the transaction on your next vehicle. When you realize the simple benefits of car leasing, it becomes a very safe and simple routine. Lease something new at a payment you’re comfortable with every 2-4 years. Meanwhile, enjoy the pleasure of driving new cars that free of any maintenance costs. Since most new cars carry a 3-5 year manufacturers warranty, you will never have to pay for anything other than oil changes, tire rotations, fuel, and the occasional accessory items like windshield wiper replacements.

Where to find the Best Deals

So, armed with some simple knowledge like the MSRP, sales price and an understanding of the mileage requirements and fees, how can you know you are getting a good car lease deal? Isn’t the whole idea to get the most value you can in a car for your monthly lease payment? Just don’t forget that any additional or upfront costs have to also be figured into the deal. All too often, you see Ads on TV, Radio or News print for low, $199 or $299 monthly payments on a new car lease, but fail to emphasize the two, three or four grand you have to put down to get the payment so low. Like anything else, you have to figure your total cost over the life of the lease and divide by the number of months you are leasing the car for, to know what your actual average monthly payment is. Your average monthly payment or total payments as a percentage of the value or MSRP of the automobile you are acquiring are the best way to measure the deal you made.

Each month, the car manufacturers advertise their latest offers in the form of car lease deals. Monthly Car Lease Ratings searches each and every one of them for their latest auto lease offerings and tabulates the top-20 for you, in an easy to read spreadsheet format. The formula is simple. We take the Average Monthly Payment (Total Cost of All payments including downpayment divided by the total number of payments. From there, we take the average monthly payment and divide it by the MSRP. The result number is the Lease Value Ratio  (LVR). The smaller the LVR, the better.  The LVR is the final indicator for the top car lease deals. You don’t have to use this calculation yourself to find the top car lease deals. Monthly Car Lease will rate the top car lease deals by LVR each and every month and have them ranked from best to worst. Come back by the 5th of ever month and see the top car lease deals.

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