BMW vs Audi Lease
BMW vs Audi Lease

It’s BMW vs Audi

Which is the Best Lease?

The BMW 535i xDrive and the Audi A6 Quatro 3.0 Sedans go head-to-head in a one-on-one Luxury Car Lease comparison. Which luxury car offers the most value for your monthly payment? As an admirer of German Luxury cars, I thought it would be interesting to see which car offers the best lease between these two beauties. Both the BMW335i and Audi A6 are popular luxury sedans which are very similar in price, performance, features and comfort. The BMW 535i XDrive offers an inline 6, turbo-charged engine that provides 300 HP and 26 MPG on the Highway for an MSRP of around $55,000. The Audi A6 Quatro 3.0 also provides 300HP in an inline 6 Turbo Engine and 26 MPG highway mileage. Both cars come with All Wheel Drive. I couldn’t possibly find two competing cars more similar in price, performance and features from the same country, so let’s see which of these two cars is the most attractive to lease.

BMW 535i xDrive
BMW 535i xDrive

BMW 535i xDrive Lease Details

  • MSRP: $54,975.00
  • Lease Term: 36 Months
  • Lease Payment: $589.00
  • Money Due at signing: $5614.00 **
  • Total Cost to Lease: $26,218.00
  • Average Monthly Payment: $728.28
  • Lease Value Ratio: 1.32%
  • ** Does not Include $600 Refundable Security Deposit**

Audi A6 Quattro
Audi A6 Quattro

Audi A6 3.0 Quattro Premium Lease Details

  • MSRP: $50,925.00
  • Lease Term: 39 Months
  • Lease Payment: $569.00
  • Money Due at signing: $3268.00 **
  • Total Cost to Lease: $24,884.00
  • Average Monthly Payment: $638.05
  • Lease Value Ratio: 1.25%
  • ** Does Not Include $575 Refundable Security Deposit **

    As you can see, the Audi will cost you $90.00 per month less than the BMW, and about $1,400 less over the life of the lease term. We must also take into account that the total cost of the Audi A6 includes 3 extra months of drive time: (39 months vs. 36 months) However, one thing to keep in mind. When those 36 months are up, you are going to have to pay to register the car for another year, even though you are only going to keep it 3 more months. A $51,000 car after 3 years, will still be around $400 to register. For that reason alone, a 39 month lease is a bit awkward. Still, the Audi will save you a little money, overall.

    So the Winner is!

    Head to head, BMW vs Audi lease comparison suggests that the 2009 Audi A6 Quattro is the better lease value. Going by our formula, it beats the BMW 535i xDrive by a lease value ratio of .07% (1.25% to 1.32%)
    See the Lease Ratings Guide, to see what these numbers mean.
    Of course, when we’re talking about the kinds of cars that lease for half of a decent-sized, house-payment, even $90 a month is not really that significant. I’ve always been a Bimmer man. There is no reason this preference of mine other than personal taste and style. There is also no real, compelling, finance reason to convince someone to lease one of these cars over the other. It comes down to personal tastes, features, looks and other attributes you look for in a $50,000-+ luxury car.

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