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100K Cars ranked by Lease Value for August

Why Lease 100K Cars? (because you can)

100K CarsBelieve it or not, 100K Cars cover a broad range of automobiles, from high best performance sedans or coupes to the very top-of-the-line luxury car leases segments. The pricey cars featured below are not at all right at the 100K MSRP level. Some are slightly more, and some are way more like the BMW M760ixDrive Sedan. The price on these 100K cars range from $101,495.00 to $158,395.00. Since this is a niche market, the lease offers on these cars can disappear from time to time. For July, absolutely nothing has changed from the last two months.

Month of August 100K Car Leases

Lease a Mazerati GranTurismo for an LVR of 1.01%

Probably the best way to lease 100K Cars is to shop online at the actual dealers of these automobiles to get your starting point. A dealer in Las Vegas is advertising a Maserati GranTurismo MC lease for just $1587.00 per month average payment. This is a $157,000 car so the LVR is just 1.01%. Dealers of 100K cars and up would be wise to advertise their lease specials because the car manufacturer websites just aren’t very exciting.

New 2019 Range Rover model means no Lease Available for August

1 Maserati GranTurismo MC $1,339.00 $8,920.00 $157,185.00 36 $57,124.00 $1,586.78 1.01%
2 2018 BMW i8 Coupe $1,819.00 $4,425.00 $152,195.00 36 $69,909.00 $1,941.92 1.28%
3 2018 Porsche Panamera $1,079.00 $6,925.00 $97,040.00 36 $45,769.00 $1,271.36 1.31%
4 2018 Mercedes S560 4Matic $1,449.00 $7,294.00 $105,895.00 36 $59,458.00 $1,651.61 1.56%
5 2018 BMW M5 Sedan $1,589.00 $8,661.00 $105,395.00 36 $65,865.00 $1,829.58 1.74%

Once again, the 100K Cars this month are identical in price, payment, MSRP, and Terms to last month except for the BMW 760i xSedan which is slightly higher.  Remember, when it comes to 100K cars the range of negotiating numbers are enormous. Don’t assume these prices represent close to the best lease options. What the same thing month after month suggests to me is that these advertised lease deals are more negotiable than perhaps any other type of car.

Nearly all 2018 100K Cars for August

100K Cars Lease Better when you Shop

Because you can would be the short answer to the question. $100,000 is a fairly large chunk of cash even for some of the most wealthy. It’s not that people in this income category cannot afford to plop down $100,000 cash or make the higher monthly payment on a loan purchase of around $2,000. The point is that car enthusiasts in this market are not going to necessarily want to keep the same car for very long. 100K Cars are made with one goal in mind: To give the driver the best of the best whether it’s speed or unmatched luxury, technology and features. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find cars in this price range with publicly published lease offers.  It is not difficult to understand why when you give this matter some thought. 100k cars simply have much more dollar signs at stake. The different negotiation factors of Cap Cost, Residual Value, and Money Factor can literally mean tens of thousands of dollars profit for the car dealer. The last thing a dealer can afford to do is leave that kind of money on the table. Still, there are a few deals which are published each month on cars in this price range. This month’s 100K Cars lease offers range from monthly payments between $999.00 and $1,699.00. This only illustrates that there is an enormous opportunity for negotiating with the dealer in cars in this price range.


100K Cars that you can Lease Today without selling your Home
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100K Cars that you can Lease Today without selling your Home
Why lease 100K Cars? Because you can. The more expensive and exotic the car, the more it makes sense to lease it. Here are a list of 100K cars you can lease today.
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