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August Car Lease Deals

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Advanced Car Lease CalculatorUse the Advanced Car Lease Calculator when you have all of the financial terms of your lease and you want to determine if you are getting a good lease deal based on the Lease Value Ratio.  For a simple, quick snapshot, use the Basic Lease Calculator.

The Car Lease Deals features on this website are based on the advertised sales offers being offered in California, New York, or Nationally. While the kind of offer you might get in your own home town might be affected by local market conditions, these car lease deals should help serve as a starting point in negotiating the best deal you can at the car lot. Each month a handful of car lease specials are chosen. If you don’t see the car you’re interested in, go to the car manufacturer’s website. You can use my handy, free car leasing calculator to help you determine if the advertised rate is a good deal.


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