Car Lease Deals

What Do We Mean by, Car Lease Deals?

Car Lease DealsGreat car lease deals? Everybody wants a great deal, but what are car lease deals and how do we know when we’ve found one? Financing cars gives us a whole other way of defining a great deal or buy.Car lease deals takes low interest rate car financing one step further.

I’m not in favor of buying cars this way, but for the sake of example, let’s say you found a brand new, 2012 Toyota Camry for which you were willing to pay $23,000 cash for upon delivery from your dealer. If the car has an MSRP of $26,000 and dealer invoice of $23,000, you got a great deal! The dealer sold you the Camry at their cost. On the other hand, you relinquished a great deal of cash which will require many months, if not years to recoup.

Great Car Deal Buys Through Financing

0-Down, No-Interest or Car Lease Deals are other ways to make good investments in cars. We put aside in our budget a car payment that we are comfortable making on a monthly basis. While MSRP and Negotiated Sales Price of the Car are still important factors in determining your monthly payment, financing plays another role in getting you the best deal on the car. A Low Interest or No-Interest Car Loan can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the car loan. Let’s say you purchased a $21,000 Mazda 3  on a 60 month loan: A rather ordinary interest rate of 6% would yield you a $405.00 monthly payment. A low, 1.9% Interest Rate (Commonly Found today), would yield you a payment of just $367.00 – that’s a savings of $38.00 per month. Over 60 months, that’s $2,280!  No Interest at all (not too uncommon in car loan deals today), would lower your payment to just $350.00 per month. It is almost always a no-brainer, to buy a car on a 60-Month, 0% loan if it’s offered by your dealer. So, if interest rate is all that matters, why do we still consider leasing cars?

Why Some Prefer Great Car Lease Deals Over Loans

Car Lease Deals are a result of the cooperation between Car Manufacturers, Banks and Car Dealers. The car lease deals being offered by the dealer in your local newspaper, wouldn’t be possible without the aggressive financing of banks and incentives offered to the dealer by the car maker. Car manufacturers want to make as many sales of cars as they possibly can. They don’t care if the bank owns the car or if you own the car. Most use their own banks anyway, like Infiniti Finance to make it possible to boost sales by offering the favorable financing and incentives. Unlike car loans, Car lease deals bring another bargaining chip to the table: The residual value or resale value of the car at end of lease term. If you’re asking, “Wow! doesn’t all of this car leasing jargon make it rather complicated and intimidating to lease cars? “, the answer is, no. The goal of leasing cars is to get the car you want at an average car payment you can afford, with little or nothing down, agreeable allowed mileage and a lease term that’s right for your needs. Let the dealer worry about the residual value, money factor (interest rate), resale price, etc., etc. In fact, it is to your advantage that all of these complicated financing variables exist. These leasing terms, along with the proper incentives from dealer, bank and car maker are what culminates in great car lease deals. So, where do you find these great car leasing specials.

Check the Monthly Car Lease Specials

Car lease deals change monthly. You can find them by going to the car company’s website, like Nissan, Ford or Toyota and looking for their links that say, Special Offers. Manufacturer’s Car lease deals are generally offered from around the 4th-7th of each month to the 4th-7th of the following month and this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you’re thinking that it takes a great deal of research and time to locate the case car lease deals on each of the car maker’s websites, you’re absolutely right. There are two other ways to shop for car lease deals:


  • Shop your local newspaper for advertised car lease deals from your neighborhood dealers. Remember, to always read the fine print as there is usually a hidden down payment and other fees involved. I always refuse to make a down payment on a lease. Shopping the paper is quick, convenient and even kind of fun, but how do you know you’re getting a good deal? There is yet a better way
  • Visit Monthly Car Lease at least once a month. Here, you will find the Top-25-30 Car Lease Deals published each and every month. June Car Lease Deals, May Car Lease Deals, April Car Lease Deals, etc., etc.. Monthly Car Lease scours the car manufacturer websites and publishes their best car lease deals for each month. Monthly Car Lease will also bring you featured car leases on a weekly basis, including SUVs, Gas-Mileage Lease Ratings, Mini Van Ratings, Luxury/Prestige Cars and more.  Maybe you even want to know what lease will give you the fastest car for your money.

If you’d like to become better educated on all of the car leasing jargon, our Car Leasing Guide will get give you a definition and analysis of all of the terms as well as putting them together for you in a meaningful way. We are convinced that if more people took the time time to understand how car leasing works, there would be fewer car leasing skeptics and plenty more satisfied car owners, taking advantage of these great car lease deals.

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    • Anthony, Good, not great credit is required to lease a car. Obviously, the better your credit is, the better your chances are for getting the best possible car lease deal. With the economy slow and car dealers hungry for business, you can expect them to work with you even if your credit score is less than perfect. Thanks for writing,


  1. Rob,

    I’ve looked for a site with the information you provide for some time. I love your analysis and I have been computing what you aptly name LVR and “Average Lease Cost” on my own for many years… Such a great help to see it all in one place.

    My best deal so far has been a Nissan Versa Note 2014 last year (for my kid) when Nissan was subsidizing it’s leases on the new product intro… I don’t see that deal any more, but $150/month with 0 down was sweet.


    • Thanks for sharing, Dan. That really is a great deal on the Versa with nothing down. I just helped my own kid lease a Civic for $176 plus tax and $500 down as her trade-in. I’ve not seen many of the low-priced models lease so well. $150 and zero down is a great start for a kid.

  2. I am supposed to lease a car today and I couldn’t find the current money factor or residual and hoped you can help. Also applicable dealer cash and incentives.

    2015 VW Jetta 1.8 Sport Automatic

    Also if you know VW rate differences between A tier and B tier.

  3. Bad deal? I’m a first time lease customer who gets a quote of $259 per month for a 2015 Accord sedan base model LX. That’s with $1,350 on a trade in and $700 in cash. Under the premiss of $21,700 being the MSRP. Then I went to the financial guy who then says the best we could do is $370 per month. Even though on the pink slip the total cost stated is $27-something he said this is for the $21k MSRP. He also said the interest rate is 2.9%. I thought the sales guy was genuine so how could the finance guy rip me off. I also figured I could cancel or back out the next day if I needed to. That was totally wrong and I’m a fool. How badly did I get taken? Also the car had 19miles on it and nothing in the car was covered like new. The car was purchased in Brooklyn NY.

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