Best MiniVan Lease Deals Ranked by Value


Best Minivan Lease Deals

$259.00 Per Month

Best Minivan Lease Deals for March

Despite their predicted demise, the minivan will always be with us. Not much has changed from September to November. For the fourth straight month, the Toyota Sienna is once again on top, but closely followed by the Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey. Because they are still a favorite for hauling families, there are some excellent lease options to choose from. While the Honda Odyssey is enjoying top honors for the 3rd straight month, the Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona are right in the mix with 1.11 Lease Value Ratios versus 1.10 for the Honda Odyssey. Once again, the Nissan Quest lease is not listed this month and has not been for the last 2-3 months.

2016 Honda Odyssey LX Still Tops

Both Dodge Caravan and Honda Odyssey Offer improved Lease Deals For March

Through the first week of March, the Honda Odyssey is leasing for $259.00 per month with $1,999.00 down.


MiniVan Lease Deals Ranked from 1 to 5

 ModelPMTCap ReductionMSRPTermTotal CostAverage Car PaymentLVR
-2016 Honda Odyssey LX$259.00$1,740.00$30,490.0036$11,064.00$307.331.01%
=2017 Toyota Sienna LE$299.00$2,800.00$33,810.0036$13,564.00$376.781.11%
-2016 Dodge Grand Caravan$245.00$1,754.00$26,090.0036$10,574.00$293.721.13%
=2017Kia Sedona LX$269.00$2,822.00$29,745.0036$12,506.00$347.391.17%
=2015 Nissan QuestNOT LISTED

The best MiniVan Lease Deals are rated 1-5, ranging in MSRP value from $25,000 to $35,000. Since there are a limited number of MiniVan makers these days, there are too few models to categorize or separate by price. Thanks to the more popular SUV, the MiniVan is enjoying limited, but very loyal support.  Not everyone agrees that the MiniVan can be replaced with the hipper, sexier SUV. In general, MiniVans offer more comfort and convenience in the form of sliding doors, larger traveling capacity, better gas mileage, and quieter drive and handling. The MiniVan still represents one of the best family traveling companions on the planet. On a monthly basis, the best MiniVan Lease deals are represented by the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan, Kia Sedona, and Nissan Quest.

MiniVans have been around nearly as long as car leasing itself. Thanks to their established reputation, these models featured here have very good residual values and offer excellent, low monthly payments. It could perhaps be said that no other leased car provides more value and use than today’s minivans.

2017 Model Toyota Sienna Remains Unchanged

Through the first week of April, you can lease a Toyota Sienna LE for an average payment of $376.78. That would be equivalent to $299.00 with Toyota’s recommended $2,800 Cap Reduction. Personally, I think it is always best to keep the extra money in the bank and make the slightly higher payment. The point of leasing is to preserve cash flow and pay as you go.  Either way, you cannot go wrong with the Sienna this month.

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