Best Luxury Car Leases

Best Luxury Car Leases

Best Luxury Car Leases

Best Luxury Car Leases for June

 Best Luxury Car LeasesPMTCap Cost ReductionMSRPLease TermTOTAL COSTAVGLVR
+2017 Acura TLX 8 P-AWS$329.00$1,270.00$37,00036$13,114.00$329.000.98%
=2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t$349.00$2,650.00$41,605.0039$16,261.00$416.951.00%
-2017 Lexus IS 300 AWD319.00$3,980.00$42,189.0036$15,464.00$429.561.02%
+2017 Lexus IS 350 AWD$429.00$3,470.00$51,474.0036$18,914.00$525.391.02%
-2017 BMW 340i xD Sedan$459.00$3,925.00$52,545.0036$20,449.00$568.031.08%
+2017 Cadillac CT6 Sedan$639.00$4,090.00$58,695.0039$29,011.00$743.871.27%
=2017 Mercedes E300 Sedan$569.00$4,294.00$53,075.0036$24,778.00$688.281.30%
=2017 Volkswagen CC Sport$409.00$2,590.00$35,340.0036$17,314.00$480.941.36%

Realizing that Best Luxury Car leases might be a rather ambiguous topic, I attempt to keep things mixed-up a bit each month. For June the best luxury car leases segment is comprised of cars ranging in MSRPs from $37,000 – $58,695.00. More expensive cars can found under the Best Performance Sedans and 100K Cars segments. Best luxury car leases are ranked from 1 to 8 below. Six months ago, I published the Best Luxury Car for under $40K. Realizing that this category is a little too restrictive for some people’s taste, I’ve decided to broaden the range a bit. Not everyone agrees on what constitutes a luxury car.  There are lots of varying opinions and budgets on the best luxury car debate. I think this month covers the sweet spot in cars in the luxury market. That means it excludes a small percentage of cars on both the low end and high ends of the best luxury car segment.


2017 Acura TLX 8 P-AWS Upgraded Model Best Luxury Car Lease again in June

For the Month of June, you can lease the Acura TLX 8 P-AWS for an average payment of only $$364.28. For a car with a $37,000 MSRP, this is an excellent lease value and in fact is the 2nd best deal for the month of May.


While Acura and Infiniti have won best leasing in the luxury car lease segment for a while, the Lexus has passed it up. The best Subvented Lease are usually for cars which are in their 4th year of sales, right at the time the new generation models are released.

From the day Monthly Car Lease began publishing articles, Infiniti has been a strong contender for top-of-the-list bang-for-the-buck-lease-value, and this month is no exception. While there are no luxury cars with LVRs under 1.00%, Overall, Luxury Car Leasing has 3 cars with improved leasing offers for June: Lexus IS 300, Lexus IS 350 AWD, and the BMW 340i xDrive Sedan.

The Luxury Car Lease category is ambiguous at best. I realize that not everyone considers or defines luxury the same way, so this section is bound to change from time to time to reflect a broader range of performance, amenities, size, and features. For more expensive luxury cars, make sure to take a look at the 100K Cars, Best Coupes, and Best Performance Sedans leasing segments.

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