Best Lease Deals for October – Ratings on 100 Cars

Best Lease DealsOctober leasing hasn’t changed much, but there a few gems to consider as usual. There are around 100 car lease deals ranked and rated for the month of  October. The entire ratings are listed below. The Kia Soul EV is still the winner for the 4th month in a row, but it’s going to be hard to beat an electric vehicle due to the enormous government rebates. So, remember, as long as the government is cutting huge rebate checks for electric cars, these are going to be tough to beat. For the month of September, there are no earth-shattering changes. Of the 100 lease deals rated this month, the vast majority are unchanged from a month ago. 2018 models have become more widely available and predictably lease for a few dollars more than the unchanged designs of the 2017 models. has 100 car lease deals in all.  You can view the entire listing at once or choose browse the best deals by type of car: Family Sedans, Compact Cars, MiniVans, SUVs, Luxury Cars, Performance Sedans, Crossovers, Luxury SUVs, Coupes, and 100K Car Leases, New this month are Electric Car Lease Deals and Best Truck Lease Deals.

Best Lease Deals October 2017

October 2017 Car Lease Deals

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Electric Cars give you the best subvented lease deals ever. If all things were equal (which they are not with electric cars), the Kia Soul EV is this month’s top lease deal.  The other great deal this month for a non-electric vehical is not exactly a car, but a truck lease deal. As regular cars go, you can lease the Acura ILX for around $263.00 per month with 0 down. This gives the Acura an LVR of just 0.91%. That is not bad for a $29,000 car. So, while this month does not represent the cheapest lease deals, it still represents a few cars worthy of your consideration.

With Independence Day behind us, there is a good lineup of car leases. Of the top-20 this month, 17 cars are under 1.00% LVR. September is another important month for  car incentives and big savings, so it could just be that we’re a month away from seeing some really good lease deals for late summer and early fall as the 2018 models continue arriving on dealer lots.

One great car to keep an eye for the upcoming winter months is the Volkswagen Atlas. The Atlas represents an in-between model of the Tiguan and Touareg. What seems to really set the Atlas apart is its updated technology. For instance, one really cool thing about the Atlas is its high-resolution Digital Cockpit and Wideview Map. This technology is similar to what I have seen on much more expensive SUVs such as the Audi Q70. The Atlas retails for around $34,000.  For a newly introduced model, the Atlas lease is not bad. In fact, it is head and shoulders better than the Mazda CX-9 FWD with an LVR of 1.22% vs. 1.41%. New models are normally not conducive to the best lease deals. Keep your eyes open the rest of this summer as new models arrive and always ask your dealer for a better deal than the advertised web offers.

Zero Down Lease Deals

If you’ve read my article about Average Car Payment, then you already know what the zero down lease deals are. Virtually any car can be leased with 0 down payment, but the payment will look higher than the advertised lease specials you see online and in your newsprint ads. Most dealers and car websites advertise what looks like a low, monthly payment just to garner your interest and enthusiasm. Then, you will notice the fine print at the bottom says something like, $1,999 due at signing. To truly appreciate your effective monthly payment, you have to divide the lease term into the down payment and add that to the advertised monthly payment. The amount due at signing is what is know as your capitalized cost reduction.  0 down lease deals are simply another way of making your car payment look lower. One way or the other, you’re going to pay for it.

Fourth of July Sales

Fourth of July is done gone and a mile away, but sometimes it pays to look at the specials and compare. July 4th is a big day for car dealers. above and beyond the advertised specials for June can be found at your local dealer. Getting a bang-up-deal on the Fourth means doing a little research first. My car leasing guide will give you a thorough take on how to lease cars and whether or not leasing is right for you.

There are 100 Car Deals Published for October

What does < = > Mean?

Car Leasing Fans, I’ve modified the symbols slightly for comparing cars with last month. If a car has a < next to it, it means the deal is better than last month. A > means the deal is not as good. The = means the deal is unchanged from a month ago. This gives you a quick way to compare the current deal with the previous month as well as to keep track of payment trends on the model you are most interested in.

Browse Best Car Lease Deals by Car Type

In our fast-paced society, people want answers quick. MonthlyCarLease has be redesigned to help you quickly locate the car you are wanting and to immediately compare to the best leasing deals in its class. This month includes 7 Categories: Best Compact Cars, Best Family Sedans, Best Luxury Car Leases, Best Coupes,  Best Luxury SUVs, Best Performance Sedans, 100K Cars, and Best Minivans. Each month this page will be updated with new car leasing categories and deals. If you don’t see your favorite category listed, please contact me and I will look into adding it to the monthly leasing deals.

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All of the month’s best leasing deals are now linked on this page. Cars are ranked according to category making it now easier than ever to find the best leasing deal on precisely the type of car you desire.  There are 79 Lease deals in June. The season is hotter than ever and so is leasing. This month has over 10 cars with lease value ratios rated at 1.0% or below. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of MonthlyCarlease.comIf you would like to get a Lease Evaluation on a car that is not listed in this month’s Best Leasing Deals, please use the Car Lease Calculator. The Basic lease Evaluator makes it easy: Simply enter your monthly payment, MSRP, Downpayment, and Term. The Advanced Lease Evaluator will allow you to make calculations such as Residual Value and Cap Cost Reduction which are usually available from your dealer. To gain a better understanding of how the best lease deals are rated, please visit our page, Car Leasing Terms, and/or Lease Value Ratio, to see what goes into the formula to rank the best leasing deals for each month.

More Useful Ways to get the best Car Lease Deal

There are plenty of great websites out there to help you shop for the best lease deal. TrueCar is one of my favorite sites for seeing what others paid for the same care you are looking to buy or lease. Edmunds has a plethora of information; new and used car values,  car reviews, total cost of ownership, residual values, owner satisfaction ratings, reliability ratings, and pricing information. CarsDirect provides lease deals every month from the state of California which are often more competitive than in other states, giving you a good starting place to negotiate your lease.

Car leasing fans, the new, 2018 models are being released. Check out the new Volkswagen Atlas.

This month you will notice improved leasing on various models from Infiniti, BMW,  and Acura. Finally, there are now mostly 2017 models with a few 2018’s being sprinkled in where appropriate.

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