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2017 Dodge Challenger Lease even better for April

Something really, really good just got better. The Dodge Challenger SXT RWD can be leased for just $189.00 per month with $1,999.00 down. This puts the Challenger on top of this month’s best coupe lease deals with an LVR of 0.85% and average payment of $239.28. Average payment is over $20.00 less than last month. You would be hard-pressed to find something that is as fast, fun to drive, and as good looking as the Dodge Challenger. What was merely a good lease value has become a great deal for the month of March.

Best CoupesPMTCap Cost ReductionMSRPLease TermAVGLVR
2017 Dodge Challenger SXT RWD$189.00$1,810.00$28,285.0036$239.280.85%
2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe 2.0$369.00$3,630.00$42,205.0039$462.081.09%
2017 Mercedes SLC RD$519.00$4,094.00$51,375.0036$582.721.13%
2017 Lexus RC 300AWD$499.00$3,500.00$48,965.0036$596.221.22%
2017 BMW M240i xDrive $539.00$3,925.00$49,095.0036$648.031.32%
2016 Hyundai Genesis$299.00$2,500.00$27,845.0036$368.441.32%
2017 Subaru BRZ$345.00$1,800.00$26,315.0036$395.001.50%

Okay, I realize that a Dodge Challenger is not exactly in the same category as a Mercedes Roadsters, Infiniti Q60, Genesis, or Subaru BRZ. Coupes and tastes in coupes can vary just as much as the people who want to drive fun cars. I guess they are alike in that none of them are really all that practical, but they vary different in performance, specs, luxury, features, and price. Still, they are 2-doors. They are coupes!

The best coupes to Lease this month are ranked from 1 to 7 based on their performance-value ratio.  While some might argue that the Dodge Challenger belongs in a group called, Muscle Cars, it still fits the classic definition of a coupe; that is, a two door car with a hard-top. Coupes are generally sportier, two-door versions of sedans. This group of six contenders offers a wide price range from $26,190 to $47,400. It is hard to keep luxury cars like the Mercedes SLK out of the lineup because they are in fact coupes. Both the Challeger R/T and Lexus RC 300 AWD offer excellent lease values in this segment. I realize that the price range of coupes really covers the gamut. Next month, I will include a few of the coupes in the lower-end marketplace from Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc. Plenty of coupes also offer convertibles. So, it looks as though a new category might be required to cover some of those. Car leasing is not limited to only a few models and designs, thought it might seem that way. Sometimes, you have to look past the popular, featured lease deals from commercial, magazine, radio, and newspaper ADS to see what else is available. I will continue to mix things up from month to month to make sure a wide variety of lease options are available for viewing and comparing.

Welcome Toyota 86

As of this publication, the Toyota 86 did not have an advertised lease special. Check back soon for updates.

The new Toyota 86 continues to be an interesting choice for 2-door coupe lovers. The 2017 86 is still in its first model years so look for the lease rates to go down on this model as the residual values become better established.