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Best Lease Deals NovemberNovember is one of the best times to lease a new car, but probably not for the reasons you think. I’m certainly not going to make the claim that the deals out there are necessarily any better this time of year, but there are great reasons to be looking at a new, reliable vehicle in the late weeks of fall. For one thing, you might be planning to take a trip outside of the state. New cars practically guarantee a safe and maintenance-free trip. The other realization during this time of year is that the weather is likely to get dicey with ice, snow and sleet no matter where you plan to travel. This is the time you need to make sure your car is equipped with good tires and plenty of traction to get you where you need to go. There is something about the fall that makes us all yearn for an SUV or other type of All Wheel Drive (AWD).

Best Lease Deals for November

12014 Infiniti M37 AWD Sedan$459.00$3,040.00$55,955.00390.96%$459.00$3,499.0039
22013 Acura TL$309.00$1,690.00$36,800.00360.97%$309.00$1,999.0036
32014 Acura ILX$209.00$2,290.00$27,795.00360.98%$209.00$2,499.0036
42013 Nissan Altima$179.00$1,820.00$23,365.00360.98%$179.001,999.0036
52014 Chevrolet Cruze LT$149.00$2,010.00$20,635.00360.99%$149.00$2,159.0036
62014 BMW 320i$279.00$3,475.00$36,875.00361.02%$279.00$3,754.0036
72014 Volkswagen Passat S$239.00$0.00$22,765.00421.05%$0.00$0.0042
82013 Honda Crosstour$249.00$1,750.00$28,060.00361.06%$249.001,999.0036
92014 Subaru Legacy$175.00$1,800.00$21,090.00361.07%$175.00$1,975.0036
102013 Lexus ES 350$339.00$2,660.00$40,677.00271.08%$339.00$2,999.0027
112013 Toyota RAV4$199.00$2,970.00$25,936.00361.09%$199.00$3,169.0036
122013 Lexus RX 350 AWD$409.00$3,090.00$47,319.00271.11%$409.00$3,499.0027
132013 Mazda3 4-Door$169.00$1,830.00$19,495.00391.11%$169.00$1,999.0039
142014 Volkswage Tiguan S$289.00$0.00$25,885.00421.12%$0.00$0.0042
152014 Infiniti Q50 AWD Sedan$369.00$4,030.00$42,255.00391.12%$369.00$4,399.0039
162013 Subaru Impreza$159.00$1,800.00$18,665.00361.12%$159.00$1,959.0036
172014 Chevrolet Malibu LT$199.00$2,700.0024,335.00361.13%$199.00$2,899.0036
182014 Chevrolet Equinox LS$209.00$2,760.0025,235.00361.13%$209.00$2,969.0036
192014 Volkswagen Jetta$199.00$0.00$17,540.00421.13%$0.00$0.0042
202013 Hyundai Elantra$159.00$2,040.00$18,760.00361.15%$159.00$2,199.0036
212014 Toyota Camrry LE$189.00$3,210.00$24,155.00361.15%$189.00$3,399.0036
222014 Mazda6$219.00$1,780.00$22,695.00391.17%$219.00$1,999.0039
232013 Honda Accord Sedan CVT$209.00$2,290.00$23,270.00361.17%$209.002,499.0036
242014 Hyundai Sonata$199.00$2,200.00$22,145.00361.17%$199.00$2,399.0036
252014 BMW 335i xDrive$469.00$3,725.00$48,525.00361.18%$469.00$4,194.0036
262014 Lexus IS 250$359.00$2,640.00$38,397.00271.19%$359.00$2,999.0027
272013 Nissan Sentra$159.00$2,240.00$18,530.00361.19%$159.002,399.0036
282013 Nissan rogue$179.00$2,820.00$21,495.00361.20%$179.002,999.0036
292014 Toyota Corolla$169.00$2,260.00$19,335.00361.20%$169.00$2,429.0036
302014 Ford Escape$219.00$2,639.0027,300.00241.20%$219.00$2,858.0024
312014 Mazda CX-5$239.00$1,840.00$24,045.00361.21%$239.00$2,079.0036
322013 Honda CR-V$239.00$1,760.00$23,775.00361.21%$239.001,999.0036
332013 Hyundai Santa Fe$299.00$2,900.00$30,405.00361.25%$299.00$3,199.0036
342014 Acura RDX$399.00$1,600.00$35,415.00361.25%$399.001,999.0036
352014 Subaru Forester$239.00$1,700.00$22,820.00361.25%$239.00$1,939.0036
362014 BMW X3 xDrive28i$469.00$3,475.00$44,425.00361.27%$469.00$3,944.0036
372014 Infiniti QX50$449.00$3,550.00$42,195.00391.28%$449.00$3,999.0039
382014 Ford Focus SE$163.00$2,527.0018,025.00241.49%$163.00$2,690.0024

Leasing SUV’s for the Winter Season

In lieu of the fact that the winter weather is here and we’re all obsessed with the idea of getting to and from places in our vehicles, I decided to concentrate on affordable SUV lease offers for the month of November. Unfortunately, none of the sub-$25,000 SUV’s really have anything that is so good as to make you forego replacing the old tires on your old 4-wheel drive. Neither the Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue or Chevrolet Equinox are listed among the top-10 lease values for this month. ON the other hand, there are some excellent deals on AWD sedans. The Infiniti M37 AWD sedan tops the list with a lease value ratio of just .96%. The Subaru Legacy sedan is also a pretty good bargain at at 1.07% and a payment of just $175.00 with a $1,975.00 cap reduction. I recommend leasing the Subaru with nothing down for around $200.00, but that’s up to you!

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