May 042013

Acura ILX May 2013 Car Lease DealsLeasing rates have significantly improved in the last couple of months. For the month of May, I spotted 15 Car Lease Deals with Lease Value Ratios at 1.10% or below. It is also worth noting that the top 5 leasing spots are no longer hogged by Honda and Toyota as they have been in the recent past. The most obvious explanation for this is the fact that Toyota and Honda recently came out with new models for 2012/2013. Since it takes a while for the new models to build strong, established resale reputations, the residual values are lower than what they would be on the 2-4 year old models. This is why there are usually excellent subvented lease deals being offered on cars in the final years of their model design, like the 2012 Honda Accord Special Edition. There are always exceptions to the rule, however, for brand new arrivals like the practical, well-made, BMW 320i, The 320i FWD Sedan leases for $299.00 a month and has an LVR of just 1.08%, placing it 8th in the May car lease ratings. THe Acura ILX gets top honors once again, with an LVR of 1.02%. You can lease the Acura ILX for just $209.00 a month, $2,499 Down for a term of 36 months. This month is our largest line-up of car leases ever. Here are 40 lease deals to take note of for the month of May.

Top-40 Car Lease Deals for May 2013

Top-40 Car Lease Deals published and rated for May, 2013.
12013 Acura ILX$209.00$2,290.00$26,795.0036$272.611.02%
22013 Infiniti M37 RWD$479.00$3,720.00$55,955.0039$574.381.03%
32013 Infiniti FX37 AWD$439.00$3,860.00$51,695.0039$537.971.04%
42013 Cadillac CTS Sedan$329.00$3,170.00$39,990.0036$417.061.04%
52013 Volkswagen Passat$249.00$0.00$23,740.0039$249.001.05%
62013 Honda Pilot 2WD LX$330.00$0.00$30,350.0036$320.831.06%
72013 Toyota Highlander$299.00$3,530.00$37,463.0036$397.061.06%
82013 BMW 320i Sedan$299.00$3,475.00$36,675.0036$395.531.08%
92013 Nissan Pathfinder S 4x4$339.00$0.00$31,370.0036$339.001.08%
102013 BMW 335i xDrive$419.00$3,725.00$48,275.0036$522.471.08%
112013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S$259.00$0.00$23,925.0036$259.001.08%
122013 Infiniti G37 Convertible$509.00$2,990.00$54,055.0039$585.671.08%
132013 Toyota Camry LE$189.00$2,760.00$24,209.0036$265.671.10%
142013 Chevrolet Malibu LS$169.00$2,940.00$22,805.0036$250.671.10%
152013 Lexus RX 350 AWD$439.00$3,060.00$47,304.0036$524.001.11%
162013 Chevrolet Equinox$199.00$2,920.00$25,015.0036$280.111.12%
172013 Chevrolet Cruze LS$149.00$2,320.00$19,035.0036$213.441.12%
182013 Cadillac XTS Sedan$399.00$3,800.00$44,995.0036$504.551.12%
192013 Acura RLX w/NAVI$499.00$3,500.00$51,845.0039$588.741.14%
202013 Volkswagen Jetta S$199.00$0.00$17,515.0039$199.001.14%
212013 Volkswagen Tiguan$299.00$0.00$25,835.0039$299.001.16%
222013 Subaru Legacy$185.00$1,800.00$20,295.0036$235.001.16%
232013 Honda Civic LX$230.00$0.00$19,755.0036$230.001.16%
242013 Subaru Impreza$159.00$1,800.00$17,895.0036$209.001.17%
252013 Toyota Sienna Minivan$299.00$3,140.00$32,980.0036$386.221.17%
262013 Nissan Rogue S AWD$299.00$0.00$25,080.0039$299.001.19%
272013 Honda Accord CVT LX$280.000$23,270.0036$280.001.20%
282013 Acura RDX$379.00$1,620.00$35,215.0036$424.001.20%
292013 Lexus ES350$399.00$3,600.00$40,392.0036$499.001.24%
302013 Mercedes C250 Sedan$349.00$3,694.00$38,755.0027$485.811.25%
312013 BMW xDrive28i$399.00$3,225.00$38,375.0036$488.581.27%
322013 Mercedes E350 Sedan$579.00$3,845.00$55,905.0027$721.411.29%
332013 Audi A4 2.0T Premium$399.00$1,694.00$34,495.0036$446.061.29%
342013 Hyundai Tucson CUV$309.00$0.00$23,800.0036$309.001.30%
352013 Mercedes GLK350 SUV$399.00$4,194.00$41,445.0030$538.801.30%
362013 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro$429.00$1,694.00$36,595.0036$476.061.30%
372013 Audi allroad 2.0T Quattro$499.00$2,694.00$42,895.0036$573.831.34%
382013 Lexus CT Hybrid$359.00$0.00$34,733 27$465.371.34%
392013 Subaru XV Crosstrek$249.00$1,900.00$21,995.0036$301.781.37%
402013 Hyundai Elantra GT$189.00$2,510.00$20,340.0024$182.471.44%

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