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BMW Lease Deals 328xi

328xi Lease: $249

BMW Lease Deals don’t always jump out when I do these reviews, but every once in a while a local car lease deal gets published that is so amazing it needs to be posted on Monthly Car Lease as its own featured lease. Scanning the Denver Post Car ads this morning I stumbled across one of the best BMW Lease Deals I’ve ever seen. If you’re a BMW enthusiast like myself, but want a cheap bmw lease deal, take a look at this:


BMW Lease Deals Compared

Best Ever BMW Lease?

So, here’s the Deal: Lease a BMW 328xi for $249.00 a month and a $3745 Down Payment for 27 months. The 27 month term and $3745 down are the only things I don’t like about this deal. If you can negotiate this deal with no down payment at all, your average car payment is still only $388.00 a month. That is an exceptional car lease deal. For a car that retails for $37,450 car, that’s an LVR of just 1.04. That is one of the lowest Lease Value Ratios I’ve ever seen for luxury car leasing.  Take a look at our Luxury Car Lease article from a few months back: Luxury Car Lease Specials. When we published the Best Car Lease Deals for May 2011, BMW Lease Deals LVRs ranged from 1.30 – 1.40%. You won’t see any BMW Lease Deals that compare to this in any of our prior car lease specials. So, the question is; if you live in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Green Bay, etc., etc., will your local dealer make you this same kind of BMW Lease offer?


Local BMW Lease Deals in Your Area

The offers on BMW Lease Deals in your area may vary, but if a Denver dealer is able to make such a deal, why can’t the rest of the BMW dealers throughout the country do the same? Chances are very good that they can make you this same kind of offer in your city. A good starting place is to call and ask them the question: “I read where a local Denver BMW dealer is offering a Lease on a BMW 328xi for just $249.00 a month for 27 months and $3745 down. Can you make that same type of deal for $329 a month and nothing down for 36 months?” Always start a little bit lower with your negotiations than you are willing to actually pay to give yourself some wiggle room. A lease offer without down payment should come out to around $387.00 per month. They might let it go for $349, $359 or $369 – so, don’t ever assume you’re asking too much. Always ask your dealer for a better deal, even when you’re looking at the best of the best in BMW Lease deals.


BMW Lease Deals

Payment Term Down Payment MSRP Total Cost Avg Payment LVR
2011 BMW 328xi $249.00 27 $3,745.00 $37,450.00 $10,468.00 $387.70 1.04%

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