Best Car Lease of 2010

Best Car Lease
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Happy New Year Car Leasing

What is the Best Car Lease? It’s always exciting to start a new year. There are sure to be some great car lease deals with many new models from Chevrolet, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, etc. Hyundai, which now owns Kia, has become a very strong car maker and you should expect to see much improvement from them in the 2011 Car Lease Ratings. GM has proven to be a contender for good car lease specials in 2010 and I expect that trend to continue with new lease offers on many more of their models. This should also be a good deal for looking into hybrid and electric car leasing. Since the new All Electric Cars are so priced so much higher, leasing them can make a lot of sense if the deal is right. Of course this is true with any new car and 2011 is bound to have some great car lease deals in store for us. While the best car lease is often a matter of opinion, there are some factors to look into when it comes to rating the deal!

A Look back at Car Leasing for 2010

As we get ready to publish the January 2011 Car Lease Specials in the next few days, let’s take a look back at 2010.
What were the Best Car Leases of 2010 according to the Monthly Car Lease LVR Ratings? Toyota dominated my monthly car lease ratings, primarily because of the great lease specials on the RAV4, Corolla and Camry. Honda and Acura came on strong with their no-money down lease-35-month term lease late in the year. It was also nice to see GM step up to the plate with some great leases on Cadillacs and their new Buicks. Civic, Prius and Insight surprised us with amazingly attractive lease offers. Leasing a hybrid or electric car is no longer a fantasy, but a worthwhile option for saving money and preserving your monthly cash flow. Leasing on Mid to Large-Sized SUVs proved to be less than exciting in 2010. Luxury Car Leasing was only so-so if not for some good deals from Cadillac and BMW’s no-money down lease deals in the last quarter of the year. Let’s look ahead for better things in the way of Luxury Cars and SUV Leasing. The winner for the best Lease Value of the year goes to the Toyota Corolla S. You could lease a Corolla S in May for $129.00 a month and just $899 down. The Lease Value Ratio is just .82%. Anything under 1.10% is very good. See my Lease Ratings Guide for a full explanation of LVR (Lease Value Ratio) and how it is determined.

New Years Monthly Car Lease Resolutions

May you get the Best Car Lease in 2011

More Cars = Best Car Lease Options

I vow to include more luxury car lease information from Lexus, Infinity. I’ll even make a new commitment to find Mercedes Lease Information which is almost never available or easy to find online. Look for me to include more lease deals from American and Korean car companies as well. In order to keep things fresh, I’ll avoid choosing a monthly favorite like the RAV4, month after month and aim to include the top new comers. Expect lots of lease information on SUV and Economy Cars for 2011. I’ll pay particular attention to the lease deals on the new Hybrids and Battery Operated cars like the Nissan Leaf. As always, I’ll include plenty of lease features on Luxury and Mid-Sized Cars too. 2001 should be a great year to lease new cars. Happy Car Leasing and may you find the best car lease of 2011.

Top Car Lease Deals of 2010

The Best Car Lease

Best Car Leases Monthly

For it’s number of top-5 Showings and lowest LVR overall, the Toyota Corolla has to rank as the best car lease.

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      Thanks for asking. That’s a good question and actually brings up a good future article idea. The Residual Values and Money factors for all of the cars can be found at
      The reason that I don’t publish them is because most lease specials are based on two things: A lower than average Money Factor and a higher than average Residual Value. Lease specials are usually made possible through financial incentives. If we were to calculate the lease of a car using traditional Money Factor and Residual Value, we would come up with monthly payments on average, that are higher than those listed in the monthly lease specials. I may explain this in an upcoming article. If you use the actual Money Factor, Residual, MSRP and Invoice Cost to attempt to calculate your own lease payment, you’d probably be disappointed with how high the payment is. This is why Lease Specials mean everything.

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