Jan 112015

Lexus IS250 January Lease Deal

Watch out for 39 Month Lease Terms

The car lease deals for January continue to be very strong. There are still lots of 39 month lease terms in the mix, so you will want to watch out if you live in a state that pays annual tax and license fees. In these cases, always ask your dealer for a 36-month term. This month has some excellent lease deals from Buick, Chevrolet, Lexus, Nissan, and Infiniti. If you’re a non-GM owner, Buick still has the top-offer with it’s Verano 1SD for $1999 a month with only $1,589.00 down. GM also has some reasonable loyalty offers for current GM owners.

Toyota Leasing will Improve Soon

Toyota, with it’s all-new 2015 models has slipped rather low on the list of great lease deals. Give it a few months, if you’re in the market for a new Toyota. Honda, with their established lease values has moved up the list quite a bit. The Accord and Pilot are in the top-10 where Honda usually resides. Though, it’s not number one this month, my personal favorite lease is for the Lexus IS 250 AWD which earned the #3 spot. You can lease the IS 250 AWD for just $349.00 a month with $2,499 down. This is a very practical, affordable, and well-made vehicle for a very good price, especially if you need all wheel drive.

Terrific SUV Lease Deals

Speaking of all wheel drive lease deals, there are three really good deals on SUV’s worth your strong consideration: The Honda Pilot LX, Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0%, and the Buick Encore 1SB all made the Top-10 list. It is unusual for SUV’s to have a lease value ratio below 1.10%. These three SUV’s are all below 1.05%.

Better Lease Deals through your Local Dealer

I am on the email list of my local BMW and Honda dealer. I am constantly getting emailed with enticing offers on Honda’s and BMW’s that are significantly better than what is advertised on the car maker’s websites. Always ask your dealer for a better deal.
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Dec 082014

Chevrolet Malibu December Lease DealInfiniti, Buick, and Chevrolet dominate the Top-10 car lease deals for the Christmas Holidays. Most of these lease deals are good through the 2015 New Year, so keep an eye out for dealer specials which offer even greater savings than the 43 Car Lease deals mentioned below.

A Sporty Holiday Lease on the Q60 Coupe

If you’re in the market for a fun, sporty, well-performing luxury car, the Infiniti Q60 Coupe continues to be an exceptionally good deal. You can expect a lease payment of around $370.00 a month for the Q60 couple and that’s with absolutely nothing down.

Best Value in a Family Sedan

GM continues to tempt non-GM drivers with their lease deals on the Verano, Regal, and Encore SUV. Perhaps, the best deal of them all is for the Buick Regal Premium. The Regal is a very well-equipped luxury sedan. If you are a non-GM owner, you can get into the Buick Regal for an average car payment of just $294.00 per month. That’s with nothing down. The advertised special on the Regal is a payment of $259.00 with just $1609.00 down.

Best SUV Lease Deal for the Holidays

The 2015 Volkswagen is an economical, well-equipped SUV. You can currently get into the Tiguan for just $279.00 a month with absolutely nothing down.  While the Tiguan is the best overal SUV lease value for the month, there are other good deals. Check out the Nissan Murano SUV AWD which leases for around $329.00 a month with no down payment.

Improved Lease Deals on the Honda Accord LX

When the all-new Accord models came-out just two years ago, the lease offers from Honda were nothing to brag about. Today, they are. You can get into a 2015 Honda Accord LX for just $240.00 per month with $0.00 down. This puts the Accord lease offer back in the top-10.

Lease Deals for December

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Nov 112014

Buick Verano Car Lease DealsIf you regret missing out on the extraordinary car lease deals of October, I have some very good news: November, 2014 is another great time to lease a car. In fact, one might argue that leasing, as a whole, is even better this month than it was last month. November has more than 20 car leasing deals ranked at an LVR of 1.05% or below. Buick continues to follow my wisdom from a couple of months ago by offering tremendous incentives for non-GM car owners. The Buick Verano tops my published favorites for this month. If you don’t currently own a GM car, you can lease the 2014 Buick Verano 1SD for just $199.00 a month and $1,110 down. The better idea is to drive off with the Verano for just $227.00 per month with nothing out of your pocket.   For some reason, this deal from GM isn’t quite as good as it was last month. However, there are many more cars to choose from which come very close to matching the Buick Verano in lease value. Take the Acura ILX, for instance, which leases for just $270.00 per month with absolutely nothing due at signing for 36 months. Both the Infiniti Q40 and Q50 also have very strong lease deals, finishing in the top five for the month. With cold winter weather and snow on the way, however, I am sure some of you are looking for sweet deals on SUVs. More good news: Christmas has arrived early for you this year with some unusually good deals on popular SUVs and AWD vehicles.

Top SUV Lease Deals for November

The Chevrolet Equinox is a great choice and has an average car payment of just $265.94 a month. Other great SUV lease deals with LVR’s at or below 1.10% include the Honda Accord CVT LX, Nissan Murano, Volkswagen Tiguan S, and Toyota RAV4.  Or, if you want the traction, but prefer a sedan, take a look at the Lexus IS 250 AWD for an average monthly payment of $417.75.  Now is the time to prepare for winter and you cannot go wrong with any of these deals on SUVs and AWD sedans which are leasing at all-time low rates.

Why Lease a Car

Do I really have to answer this question again? Well, okay, here goes: When you lease, you get a new car every year for little or no down payment. You get a brand new warranty which will last the life of the car. As long as you lease every 36 months or less, you will never have to pay a dime for tires, brakes, and other surprise maintenance issues. Finally, you can drive a much nicer car than what you could afford to buy, as long as you follow my guidelines and tips to successful car leasing.  Don’t let the so-called financial experts and leasing naysayers like Dave Ramsey steer you down the wrong path. Leasing is not for everyone, but for a great number of us, it is one of the most reasonable and logical ways to finance depreciating assets, such as cars. Take a good look at the offers this month and remember to always ask your dealer for a better deal!

Top-40 Car Lease Deals for November 2014

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