Jun 072015
Equinox Tops SUV Lease Deals

$189.00 a Month

June Car Lease Deals

Equinox Among the Best SUV Lease Deals Ever Published

Much to the delight of non-GM lessees seeking an SUV for next fall, this month’s Chevrolet Equinox is perhaps one of the best SUV lease deals ever advertised. GM seems to alternate their best incentives between current and non-current GM owners and lessees. Both the Impala and Malibu have deals which are more favorable to current GM drivers. The Equinox deal, however, will save you about $1,500 if you are not currently the lessee of a GM vehicle. So, if you are currently leasing another SUV like a Honda, Mazda, Toyota, VW, Nissan, etc., you can take advantage of this great deal: Lease the Chevrolet Equinox for just $189.00 a month with $399 down for 24 months. That makes the average cost of leasing an Equinox around $197.00 per month, making it one of, if not the best SUV lease deals ever. Current GM Lessees will have to pay $1,5000 more, making the average car payment around $252.00 per month. Even that is a good deal on a vehicle with an MSRP of $27,045.  One can assume that even if you are trading in a GM vehicle, you can still take advantage of the better offer as long as you are not replacing it with a current GM lease.

Besides the Equinox, the VW Tiguan Leasing is still going strong at $179.00 per month with $2,499.00 down. For most situations, the 36 month term is a much better lease term than 24 months, so if you’re interested in the Equinox deal, you might negotiate that up to 36 months. Missing from this month’s lease offers was the excellent, but hard-to-find deal on the Jeep Cherokee LTD which seemed to only be available in certain locations. Still, there are some good SUV lease deals which are making a top 10 showing for LVR values for the month of June. Also, Infiniti Lease Deals continues to have excellent, low payments on its sedans such as the Q50 AWD which leases for an average payment of around $396.00. Many of this month’s deals are carryovers from the May Lease Deals. There is something to be said for consistency and stability in the car leasing industry these days.

42 Car Lease Deals for June

Is the Equinox among Best SUV Lease Deals Ever?

12015 Chevrolet Equinox **$189.00$210.00$27,045.0024$4,746.00$197.750.73%
22015 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T$179.00$2,320.00$27,120.0036$8,764.00$243.440.90%
32015 Infiniti Q50 AWD$309.00$3,390.00$42,705.0039$15,441.00$395.920.93%
42015 Lexus IS 250 AWD$349.00$1,650.00$41,350.0036$14,214.00$394.830.95%
52015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT *$179.00$1,340.0024,560.0024$5,636.00$234.830.96%
62015 Infiniti Q40$279.00$3,720.00$38,755.0039$14,601.00$374.380.97%
72015 Toyota Camry LE$179.00$1,999.00$24,020.0036$8,443.00$234.530.98%
82015 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium$289.00$2,499.00$36,194.0036$12,903.00$358.420.99%
92015 Acura RDX$309.00$1,990.00$36,015.0036$13,114.00$364.281.01%
102015 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4$269.00$2,990.00$34,790.0036$12,674.00$352.061.01%
112015 Hyundai Azera$299.00$1,950.00$34,895.0036$12,714.00$353.171.01%
122015 Honda Accord CVT LX$250.00$0.00$23,725.0036$8,750.00$243.061.02%
132015 Mazda6 Sport AT$189.00$1,810.00$22,895.0036$8,614.00$239.281.05%
142015 BMW 328i Sedan$329.00$3,795.00$41,500.0036$15,639.00$434.421.05%
152015 Lexus ES 350$349.00$1,650.00$37,700.0036$14,214.00$394.831.05%
162015 Honda CR-V LX$209.00$1,790.00$24,325.0039$9,941.00$254.901.05%
172015 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T$189.00$2,010.00$23,260.0036$8,814.00$244.831.05%
182015 BMW 320i Sedan$269.00$3,795.00$35,300.0036$13,479.00$374.421.06%
192015 Chevrolet Impala 2LT **$269.00$2,410.00$31,110.0039$12,901.00$330.791.06%
202015 Honda Civic CVT LX$220.00$0.00$20,110.0036$7,700.00$213.891.06%
212015 Nissan Altima$189.00$2,510.00$24,125.0036$9,314.00$258.721.07%
222016 Acura RLX$499.00$3,770.00$55,370.0036$21,734.00$603.721.09%
232015 BMW X1 xDrive 35i$379.00$3,545.00$43,700.0036$17,189.00$477.471.09%
242015 Infiniti QX70 AWD$489.00$4,010.00$52,905.0039$23,081.00$591.821.12%
252015 CadillacSRX FWD$339.00$2,000.0037,605.0024$10,136.00$422.331.12%
262015 Toyota RAV4$199.00$2,999.00$24,920.0036$10,163.00$282.311.13%
272015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport$239.00$1,980.00$25,845.0036$10,584.00$294.001.14%
282015 Subaru Impreza$159.00$1,800.00$18,195.0036$7,524.00$209.001.15%
292015 Acura TLX$299.00$2,700.00$32,365.0036$13,464.00$374.001.16%
302015 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0LL$159.00$1,840.00$18,145.0036$7,564.00$210.111.16%
312015 Mazda CX-5 Sport$234.00$1,767.00$24,395.0036$10,191.00$283.081.16%
322015 Cadillac CTS Sedan$439.00$3,210.0045,345.0036$19,014.00$528.171.16%
332015 Mazda3 ISV AT$149.00$1,850.00$16,945.0036$7,214.00$200.391.18%
342015 Lexus RX 350 AWD$399.00$3,100.00$40,970.0036$17,464.00$485.111.18%
352015 Nissan Murano$299.00$2,400.00$30,815.0036$13,164.00$365.671.19%
362015 Mercedes C250 Coupe$359.00$3,994.00$39,400.0036$16,918.00$469.941.19%
372016 Hyundai Elantra GT$179.00$1,820.00$19,075.0036$8,264.00$229.561.20%
382015 Dodge Challenger R/T$329.00$2,670.00$31,795.0036$14,514.00$403.171.27%
392015 Subaru Legacy$229.00$1,770.00$21,695.0036$10,014.00$278.171.28%
402015 Subaru Outback$279.00$1,720.00$24,895.0036$11,764.00$326.781.31%
412015 Mercedes C300 Sedan$399.00$4,154.00$38,400.0036$18,518.00$514.391.34%
422015 Mercedes Benz GLA250$329.00$3,294.00$31,300.0036$15,138.00$420.501.34%
  • ** Non-GM Lessees
  •  * Current GM-Lessees
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May 122015

Tremendous Lease on the Jeep Cherokee LTD 4×4 still going on …

Jeep Cherokee LTD LeaseThe lease deal on the Tiguan to the left continues to be one of the most outstanding lease values of the year. However, this is not the only great deal on an SUV. A few car leasing and Jeep fans across the country were somewhat disappointed when they could not find the great deal on the Jeep Cherokee LTD model that was listed in the April lease deals here. This was not a misprint, but after doing some quick research, I could no longer find the deal anywhere even when I searched the Jeep website within my own zip code. Apparently, the deal was only listed in Colorado and a few other states. I am not sure why unable to find the deal in my own state, but the good news is that it is back on – that is, at least for some states. This month, the Jeep Cherokee LTD can be leased in the Denver metro region for just $199.00 a month with a $3,259.00 down payment. That translates to a monthly average car payment of $284.00. This really is an excellent deal when you consider that the LTD is loaded with leather heated-seats, 8″ touch screen, and other technology.

Can you Lease the Cherokee 4×4 LTD in your State?

Jeep Cherokee Lease DealI suspect that other states in the U.S can offer pretty much the same lease deal, but for whatever reason have chosen not to promote it in place of rebates, and other discount offers. If you like this deal and it sounds too good to be true, visit the Jeep website, select Incentives and Offers, then change zip-code to 80033. Print out the offer show above on the Jeep Cherokee Limited 4×4 and show your dealer. See what they can do for you!

Small SUV Heaven

The deals on smaller sized SUV’s or Crossovers are better than they have ever been at any other time in history. In addition to the Cherokee, the Tiguan, Equinox, Acura RDX, and Laredo all have lease value ratios below 1.01% and are ranked in the top-10 for this month’s lease deals.


Best Sedan Lease for May

The most improved, best lease bang for the buck on a family sedan this month happens to be the Toyota Camry. You can lease a new Camry LE for an average payment of $235.00 (nothing down) for 36 months. There are plenty of other good lease deals. Check them out, here.  Continue reading »

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Apr 112015

Jeep Cherokee LTD Lease DealIf you lease cars regularly, it really pays off to keep a careful watch on the manufacturer’s listed special offers. You will notice varying trends from state to state, and from car maker to car maker. This month, a few of the advertised specials from last month remained the same while others car makers either raised their monthly payment or increased the cap reduction. If you saw an offer that enticed you, but you weren’t quite ready to buy until it was too late, bring this history up with the dealer before you negotiate.

One lease deal that hasn’t changed is the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T which was last month’s top lease deal. Overall, small to mid-sized SUV lease offers continue to improve significantly. Recent research shows that people are buying larger vehicles again, including SUVs. With that said, it is still rather surprising and unusual to see 3 of the top-5 lease offers as SUV’s.

Edging out the Tiguan this month is an excellent lease deal from Jeep. You can lease a Jeep Cherokee LTD 4×4, well-equipped for just $299.00 a month and only $2,159.00 down. As Lease Value Ratios go, this one comes in at an outstanding 0.89%. Take a good look at the specs and features on the Jeep Cherokee LTD 4×4. It is an impressive SUV for the money. Jeep has come a long way since leasing became popular again 5 years ago. As you may notice from the website’s build and price calculator, this vehicle normally leases for over $407.00. It is rare to find an SUV equipped this well for an average car payment under $300.00.

Top-40 Car Lease Deals for the Month of April

12015 Jeep Cherokee LTD 4x4$229.00$1,860.00$31,590.0036$10,104.00$280.670.89%
22015 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T$179.00$2,320.00$27,120.0036$8,764.00$243.440.90%
32015 Infiniti Q50 AWD$309.00$3,390.00$42,705.0039$15,441.00$395.920.93%
42015 Honda Pilot SE$330.00$0.00$35,400.0036$11,880.00$330.000.93%
52015 Lexus IS 250 AWD$349.00$1,650.00$41,350.0036$14,214.00$394.830.95%
62015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT$179.00$2,200.0024,560.0039$9,181.00$235.410.96%
72015 Infiniti Q40$279.00$3,720.00$38,755.0039$14,601.00$374.380.97%
82015 Nissan Altima$189.00$1,810.00$24,125.0036$8,614.00$239.280.99%
92015 Acura RDX$309.00$1,990.00$36,015.0036$13,114.00$364.281.01%
102016 Acura ILX$229.00$2,590.00$28,820.0039$11,521.00$295.411.03%
112015 Hyundai Elantra$159.00$1,340.00$19,075.0036$7,064.00$196.221.03%
122015 Jeep Grand Cherokee$299.00$2,090.00$34,590.0036$12,854.00$357.061.03%
132015 CadillacSRX FWD$339.00$1,790.0037,605.0036$13,994.00$388.721.03%
142015 Acura RLX$479.00$3,400.00$55,370.0036$20,644.00$573.441.04%
152015 Lexus RX 350 AWD$399.00$3,600.00$48,008.0036$17,964.00$499.001.04%
162015 Mazda6 Sport$189.00$1,810.00$22,895.0036$8,614.00$239.281.05%
172015 Honda Accord CVT LX$199.00$1,800.00$23,725.0036$8,964.00$249.001.05%
182015 Chevrolet Cruze LT *$169.00$1,830.00$20,920.0036$7,914.00$219.831.05%
192015 Honda Civic SE$230.00$0.00$21,260.0036$8,050.00$223.611.05%
202015 Toyota RAV4$179.00$2,999.00$24,920.0036$9,443.00$262.311.05%
212015 Toyota Corolla LE$139.00$2,599.00$19,644.0036$7,603.00$211.191.08%
222015 Chevrolet Equinox$199.00$2,210.00$27,045.0024$6,986.00$291.081.08%
232015 BMW xDrive28i$309.00$3,545.00$37,350.0036$14,669.00$407.471.09%
242015 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T$209.00$1,690.00$23,260.0036$9,214.00$255.941.10%
252015 Lexus RC 350 AWD$479.00$3,650.00$51,908.0036$20,894.00$580.391.12%
262015 Infiniti QX70 AWD$489.00$4,010.00$52,905.0039$23,081.00$591.821.12%
272015 Hyundai Sonata SE$199.00$1,800.00$21,975.0036$8,964.00$249.001.13%
282015 Toyota Camry LE$189.00$1,999.00$24,020.0024$6,535.00$272.291.13%
292015 Nissan Rogue$219.00$2,490.00$25,395.0036$10,374.00$288.171.13%
302015 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0LL$159.00$1,700.00$18,145.0036$7,424.00$206.221.14%
312015 BMW 335i xDrive$509.00$3,805.00$53,400.0036$22,129.00$614.691.15%
322015 Mazda CX-5 Sport$234.00$1,777.00$24,395.0036$10,201.00$283.361.16%
332015 Cadillac ATS Sedan$329.00$2,480.00$33,215.0036$14,324.00$397.891.20%
342015 Mercedes Benz C250 CP$329.00$3,394.00$34,725.0036$15,238.00$423.281.22%
352015 Mercedes C300 Sedan$399.00$4,154.00$42,025.0036$18,518.00$514.391.22%
362015 Cadillac CTS Sedan$449.00$3,900.0045,345.0036$20,064.00$557.331.23%
372015 BMW 228i xDrive Coupe$359.00$3,545.00$37,050.0036$16,469.00$457.471.23%
382015 Mazda3 Sport$159.00$1,840.00$16,945.0036$7,564.00$210.111.24%
392015 Mercedes Benz GLA250$349.00$3,380.00$35,325.0036$15,944.00$442.891.25%
402015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport$269.00$2,730.00$25,845.0036$12,414.00$344.831.33%
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